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Arundel High bans commonly used app

(Photo courtesy of remind.com)

By Aubrey Bacon

During the second week of school, it was made apparent to teachers via email that they were no longer permitted to use the frequently used app, Remind, to send reminders or updates to classes and clubs. Continue reading “Arundel High bans commonly used app”

New Pride Period schedule garners mixed reactions

By Rachel Heller

In response to the shift from academic to social use of Pride Period, Gina Davenport, principal of Arundel High School, has established a new schedule for the 2017-2018 school year, prompting both praise and disapproval. The vast majority of students have been on the opposition, expressing their frustrations towards the shorter Pride Period interval amongst themselves, on social media, and in an online petition. Continue reading “New Pride Period schedule garners mixed reactions”

Tina Frost: Arundel alum is victim of Las Vegas massacre

(Photo courtesy of GoFundMe)

By Leila Estrada

On Sunday night, the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas became the scene for a mass shooting. The sound of upbeat country music was replaced by that of rapid gunfire and screams of the victims from the massacre. The gunfire from Stephen Paddock, 64, injured more than 500 people, including Tina Frost, a 2008 graduate of Arundel high school. Continue reading “Tina Frost: Arundel alum is victim of Las Vegas massacre”

Top tech news articles of September 2017

By Tamoor Hamid

From new iPhones to space-bound supercomputers, here’s an overview of last month’s most noteworthy tech stories:

Continue reading “Top tech news articles of September 2017”

The Wildcats creep from behind to beat the Seahawks and look to beat Broadneck

By Connor Haynie and Jordan Johnson

Photos by Maddie McLean

The Wildcats won their home opener last Friday, September 15th, outlasting South River in a nail-biting back and forth affair.   Continue reading “The Wildcats creep from behind to beat the Seahawks and look to beat Broadneck”

Changes to AP funding spark concern and reflection

By Rachel Heller

With federal and state budget cuts taking effect this school year, Advanced Placement resources have suffered, causing alarm for educators and students and contemplation on the role of AP exams.

Continue reading “Changes to AP funding spark concern and reflection”

Meet Irina: The Life of a Teenage Entrepreneur

By: Esra Mahgoub

“Art is the beauty of this world. Stepping aside from politics, religion, and war, art is what people should focus on; not the next iPhone model, or the new Game of Thrones. The development of prominent people has led to a state where art is less appreciated, less relevant. Be one who creates beauty in this world. Create Art” Continue reading “Meet Irina: The Life of a Teenage Entrepreneur”

Overcoming blindness, man runs theater company, teaches kids


Written By: Jordan Jackson         

BALTIMORE- Born with extreme cataracts in his eyes  Joshua Thomas was left with his mother, his piano, and his dignity at the age of seven. Continue reading “Overcoming blindness, man runs theater company, teaches kids”

Josh first, disability second: raising a child with Duchenne and autism

By Rachel Heller

When describing her son Josh, Diane Kirk will tell you five things:

  1. He’s a sophomore at Arundel High School.
  2. He loves music.
  3. He has a knack for cooking.
  4. He exudes kindness.
  5. He has Duchenne muscular dystrophy and autism. Continue reading “Josh first, disability second: raising a child with Duchenne and autism”

County task force addresses growing opioid epidemic

By Isaiah Freeman

In 2014 Anne Arundel County’s local government declared a state of emergency against heroin. A short time afterwards, the heroin action task force was created to address the growing epidemic of opioid addiction and heroin Continue reading “County task force addresses growing opioid epidemic”