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Ms. Pelle: A lifetime of STEM studies

Photos by Amber Bartlett

By Jacob Mitchell

Ms. Pelle is a new Arundel High School teacher specializing in computer science. She is the first female computer science teacher with career experience in the STEM field at Arundel.

Before she became a teacher, Ms. Pelle worked as an environmental engineer studying climate change, where she did construction and design at Princeton Hydro. During this time, Ms. Pelle worked on stream restoration, where she would go in and dredge the size for stream banks or create new streams. She also did other things like dam removals, which she said is “essentially taking out a lot of dirt”. She worked at Princeton Hydro for 8 years before deciding to teach computer science at the University of Alabama and the University of Tennessee.

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The Most Influential Songs of the Decade

By Sahara Portlance

This decade has defined our childhood. We’ve conquered elementary and middle school and are about to move onto an exciting new chapter. Music is a big part of many of our lives. When you hear a song that played during an important memory, it just hits different. These songs might mean a lot to you. Not only have they been the soundtrack to our youth, but they’ve also impacted American culture and spoken out about the problems that we were and are still facing today.

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Podcast: Board of Education hosts meeting to discuss closing the achievement gap

By Kirstin Nichols

On September 23, 2019, at 6:30 pm, a meeting was held by the Board of Education in Arundel High School’s auditorium in order to discuss the achievement gap affecting students in Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS).

Several speakers, including county executive Steuart Pittman, county superintendent George Arlotto, AACPS executive director Jason Dykstra, Carl Snowden, and Pamela Brown shared achievement gap statistics as well as ideas for eliminating this gap.

Podcast: Board of Education Hosts Meeting to Discuss Closing the Achievment Gap


Field Hockey finishes season with victory, gearing up for playoffs

Photo via arundelathletics.com

By Hailey McDonald

The Arundel girl’s field hockey teams have just closed another successful season. Varsity has claimed a near flawless 11-2-2 record with their sole losses being against Severna Park High School. Even with two tie games against Archbishop Spalding and West Essex High School, the Lady Wildcats have still secured eleven wins this fall. A 2-1 loss against Severna Park ended their games in the County Championship. However, Varsity still has high hopes for their first playoff game on Wednesday, October 30th.

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Security vestibule construction to increase school security

Photos by Amber Bartlett

By Kirstin Nichols

As part of a countywide effort to increase school security, construction of a security vestibule is underway in the main lobby at Arundel High School. Continue reading “Security vestibule construction to increase school security”

At new club, students explore the ska music genre

Photo by Kirstin Nichols

By Sahara Portlance

If you’ve looked at the Arundel Clubs list or even looked up at the walls while walking in the hallway, you may have noticed the Ska Club. The club is new to Arundel and was started by our school’s music director, Ian Burns. Mr. Burns has a passion for ska music and thought that ska club would be a nice way for students that share his passion to express themselves and maybe even get other students interested in the genre. 

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At High School Nation tour’s return to Arundel, most students enjoy playing and listening to music

Photos by Amber Bartlett

By Logan Hale, Emma Wible, Spencer Mower, Dominic Mortimer, Sahara Portlance, Akayla Williams

High School Nation, a touring event promoting music in high schools and featuring live music, interactive activities, and promotional giveaways, staged an event at Arundel for the second time in four years on Friday, October 11th. The event was staged in the F-Hall parking lot. As part of the event, the tour donated resources to Arundel’s music program. 

Performers included R&B singers Micah Blu and Jessame, pop singer Sofi K, and actress and singer Kerri Medders. The festival was sponsored by and included giveaways from Takis and Hollister. During the festival, students could try out various instruments (including guitars, basses, drums, microphones, and DJ equipment) or learn dance steps at a smaller dance stage. There was also a ball-pit and a tent with bean-bag chairs. 

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The Joint Initiative to Eliminate the Achievement Gaps holds first meeting at Arundel High School

Photo by Yarmi Kalokoh

By Yarmi Kalokoh

The Joint Initiative to Eliminate the Achievement Gaps, a new committee created to identify and investigate issues related to differences in academic performance among various student groups, held their first meeting in Arundel High School’s auditorium on Monday, September 23rd. The meeting, following a press release announcing the joint effort between the school board and county government, was led by both Superintendent Dr. George Arlotto and County Executive Steuart Pittman and provided Anne Arundel County (A.A.Co) and Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) data highlighting achievement gaps, particularly between African-American students and other student groups. Continue reading “The Joint Initiative to Eliminate the Achievement Gaps holds first meeting at Arundel High School”

High School Nation tour coming to Arundel High October 11th

By Caleb Williams

On Friday October 11th, Arundel High will host the High School Nation Tour sponsored by Hollister. The High School Nation Tour is a traveling Music & Arts festival that visits public high schools across the country introducing students to opportunities in all fields of the arts.

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After 39 years at Arundel, Mary Ellen Towns’ teaching career comes to a close

Photo via Panorama

By Caitlyn Freeman

As kids walk through the downstairs F-hallway before the late bell rings on Thursday, April 25th, 2019, Mary Ellen Towns is on patrol. She greets students as they walk by; asking athletes how their games the previous evening went, telling kids to keep walking to prevent traffic, and reminding students to get to class on time, keep their hands to themselves, and overall behave themselves. While monitoring the students as they make their way to their 1A class, she also begins multi-tasking in order to be prepared for the arrival of her 1A class; sorting through papers, turning on the projector, and organizing the countertop. Her first period of the day is Drugs in Society, an elective that teaches students about the different types of drugs, illegal substances, and their impact.

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