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3 Historical Aircraft Still Flying

By Davey Burgess

Some of the oldest planes in history are still flying today, with some of these pieces of history having just a few, or a single operator left. Continue reading “3 Historical Aircraft Still Flying”

Fall fun at the Anne Arundel County Fair

By Davey Burgess

The 2017 Anne Arundel County Fair was held from September 13 to September 17 in Crownsville at 1450 General’s Highway.

Continue reading “Fall fun at the Anne Arundel County Fair”

An eye-opening interpretation of Jaden Smith’s Tweets

My third eye has been opened and no, it is not because of water fluoridation .  If you haven’t seen Jaden Smith’s tweets prepare yourself to find your inner zen. Continue reading “An eye-opening interpretation of Jaden Smith’s Tweets”

Why you should watch old cartoons

By John Moran

Recall back to when you were a child, to those TV shows you watched mindlessly for hours on end to pass the time while your parents were busy doing business around the house. You were most likely enveloped into them because of the enamoring colors and pictures it showed to your active child mind. But now that you are much older, around 14-18 of age at this point of your life and most likely are getting all media you want directly from your phone. Just consider the option though, of you one day deciding to pick up a controller and watch the television again. And when you do, why not look for those old shows again to feel bliss you had when you were a kid. Maybe even find a new show that was on air when you were young and enjoy how different entertainment was before now.

I’ve watch a couple old shows from the early 2000’s and some were pretty good shows for their time and some are even better than the ones on air now. Ironically the shows during the 1990-2000 time period were the most revolutionary to the cartoon genre in its whole, such as Courage the Cowardly Dog, Duckman and Rocko’s Modern Life. They took a large effect on the work of animators and story tellers of cartoons when they were airing and still affect those today. Those are a few of the shows that have brought something to people through their deeper messages using animated humanoid characters. Proving how there was a passion for sending a message on the morally grey issues of life to the people watching the show.

So maybe it would be nice to have something that will bring a challenging thought to you through a fun and playful method hoping to distract you from your own life. Having a difficult subject to think on and discuss is usually worth the time that you put into thinking of the next new series to watch when you’re done with the last one.

That’s So Raven 2?

By Jude D.

Earlier this week the 30 year old Disney Channel star Raven Symone announced that she will be leaving her current show “The View” and going back to work with Disney channel for her That’s So Raven spin off. Raven said that she will be playing Raven Baxter but a more adult version, this character is much older and divorce with 2 kids (son and daughter). One of the kids inherited her ability to see into the future and she has to guide them on the dues and don’ts with this magical gift.

The original That’s So Raven that released in 2003, ran for 4 seasons, and has 100 episodes. Raven played a teenage girl whom just like us went to school with her 2 friends Chelsea and Eddie, but Raven wasn’t an ordinary girl. She had a special magical gift that made her be able to take a glimpse into the future. With this ability Raven got herself, family and friends in some deep trouble along the way.

There might be a little heat that comes along with this show though. Former co-star Orlando Brown (Eddie) isn’t particularly fond of the idea of the That’s So Raven spin off. Orlando posted a video stating that he hasn’t gotten a call about the spin off and that there will be no show without him. He states in the video, “It’s a serious situation, because, you know, we have fans all around the world that love the whole cast”, “We did what we could to make a historical moment happen, I don’t think that would’ve happened without all of us”. I guess we can say Orlando is a little in his feelings about not getting a call from little Miss Raven Baxter on this particular idea. As we the fans wait to see what will happen I think we can all say, the best of luck to Raven Symone and this whole spin off.

How to save on holiday gifts

By Lauren Orcutt

  • Shop off season. Prices tend to rise around holiday season. Even in the summer you can start! Holidays will come sooner than you know it.
    Make a list off season of things you want or things you friends say they want or that they like. It will help a lot.
  • Get gifts at yard sales. The family members that like antiques, this is PERFECT. It’s a cheap and great way to shop for them. Sometimes you can find brand new cosmetics for the friends who like makeup.
  • If you received a gift you didn’t like last year, RE-GIFT. Don’t return it to the store. This will save you time and money, BUT make sure you are not giving it to the person that gave it to you!
  • HOMEMADE GIFTS! They’re one of a kind! Great for grandparents/extended family. It will add a little bit more love to it.
  • Baking. Best way to someone’s heart is through their tummy. Cookies, Brownies, Baked goods, or even some of their favorite snacks. Just get a cute bag or tin and you’ll be good to go.
  • Take advantage of vouchers, coupons and codes. There are many floating around on the internet and some even flying around in the mail. You’d be surprised about how much you save with just coupons.

Escape room game coming to Waugh Chapel soon

By Lauren Orcutt

Define Escape Room: a physical adventure game in which players are locked in a room in a room and have to use elements of a room to solve a series of puzzles and to escape within a time limit.

Escape rooms are known as a team building activity and sometimes to collaborate with people you don’t know. Coming soon to Waugh Chapel is Mission Escape. The rooms in this game are set as various locations such as a black and white, a prison, Edgar Allan Poe, etc. Teammates collaborate together to figure out the clues which combines with other clue in order to escape the room you are trapped in. The goal of the game is to solve all the puzzles in under 50 minutes. If you do not, you are stuck in the room until you figure out everything.

SOME TIPS (You’ll need them)

  2. If you are not renting out the entire escape room, be prepared to communicate with people you don’t know and accommodate with them
  3. You will not have your phone so you can fully communicate with the people around you and to not cheat!! They are locked in a locker so no, nobody will take it. This is all with your head and your problem-solving skills.
  4. There are no clocks so there is no countdown to lock at. Take your time but also hurry up! This means if you are stuck on one problem, ask for help. There is an intercom system that you can ask questions to.
  5. Verbalize what you see so that everyone can work together and help each other out.
  6. Lastly, think like an engineer or a director. What’s a game without a plot?

Hopefully, these tips will help you out with the Escape Room if you decide to try it out! 8/10 but is strongly recommended for fun or team building activities.

Vocal and instrumental skills, bagel jokes shine at Arundel’s Got Talent

By Tessa Rendina

Arundel’s Got Talent, a show presented by Tri-M, Arundel’s music society, featured multiple musical acts, a poetry reciting, and puns about bagels on Friday, September 30th. Prior to the acts, the MCs, Kelley Louder and Dominic Leo, started off with their first and only joke of the night:

“What do you call a bagel that can fly?” asked Louder.

“What?” said Leo.

“A PLANE BAGEL!” exclaimed Louder.

This pun got a few laughs…the first time. Other than the lack of preparation, the MC’s improvised their way through the rest of the show successfully.

While Louder and Leo may not have been prepared, the performers definitely were.  Around 20 acts auditioned for the talent show this year and only 13 made it through.  Jacob Wright and Malachi Miller kicked off the show on the saxophone and piano.  Later on Journey Brown-Saintel recited the famous spoken word poem “To This Day” by Shane Koyczan.  Other performances included Faith Armstead on the ukulele, Kyler Hewitt and Jay on the piano, Robert Smith and Cassie Williams with their duet, part of Men’s Choir singing “I Saw Her Standing There,” and covers of songs sang by Temi Akinsana,  Lauren Orcutt, and Katelyn Shibilski.

Krystal Garay-Rodriguez took first place with “Satisfied” from Broadway Musical Hamilton.  Close behind her Carlo Robles was awarded second for his cover of “So Sick” by Ne-Yo and Katie Mohr received third with her rendition of “Feelin’ Good.”

Stage Director, Su Kim, thinks “it was the best talent show Arundel has had in a long time” and “[hopes] it happens again” next year.

Photos taken by Band Photographer Stephen Barrett

Review: FX’s Atlanta a breakout in hip-hop TV

By Zach Carver

FX’s new series, produced by Donald Glover (Childish Gambino), which airs every Tuesday at 10 pm, features a realistic showcase of a rapper from down under, Atlanta, trying to make it big.

Here’s the twist: Gambino thought it was too predictable for himself to be the story’s rapper, so he centered the story on his cousin “Paper Boi,” and started from there.

Donald plays a broke guy in his 20’s who scoops money up by marketing vacation brochures. He also has a kid with a woman who doesn’t exactly want to be with him. His character’s name is Earn, and he’s also hated by his parents. Alfred, Earn’s cousin, played by Bryan Tyree Henry, portrays a starting rapper.

In the pilot episode, a story is told of Earn quitting his job to finally pursue his managing in the music world and to branch out of the low world Atlanta by having a hookup with the local radio station to get His cousin Paper Boi’s song on the air. This sky-rockets the success of the rapper and gets Earn his job of managing his cousin in the music Community. Stay tuned for more reviews and watch Atlanta Tuesdays on FX as it develops.

Arundel Voices: Big city to small town

By John Moran

Everyone has envisioned the perfect place they want to live one day. So for those that dream to live somewhere tropical, here is some info coming from a person who has lived in many places with a tropical climate and atmosphere, and ended up here at Arundel.

I’ve lived in popular locations like Miami, Florida and California and more unknown places to the public eye. For each place I’ve stayed, each was bustling with business, tourism and public entertainment. So now after exhausting my fuel for exploration, I was placed into Maryland to “chill.” In comparison of Maryland to every other heated place, it is very somber and tranquil from the outside world. With barely any traffic coming into Maryland, it is the polar opposite of the energizing cities I’ve lived in.

So for those who looking for adventure and experiences, put yourself out in a heated city/ state such as Miami and California. They bring you many experiences once you dive right into them. Now that you have learned how to be calm from your life in Maryland so far, you can go in with no worry about living in the overbearing life in outside states. You can experience the vigor that they bring to you on a daily basis, from the towns to the restaurants and stores. Enjoy the consistent changes that always occur in them, but learning to not have the fear of change from them. Always being on the move is what it feels to be in the heat of the moment of empowered cities.

This is how different it is from having the change of being in the heat of the moment to being in the cool pool that is Maryland. So for those that are enticed to be going out of the state that you’ve lived in your entire life so far, don’t have any regrets of accepting change. Don’t have any expectations for where you and always go out of your way to talk to the people in the places.