Breaking out of Ignorance – A short story – Part 3

By Carmella Dileonardi

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Grace’s jaw tightened in frustration as she placed her fingers against the desk and pressed down, trying to pop some air bubbles that were keeping her muscles tight. She felt as stiff as a rod. She hadn’t even thought about bringing the salt water that her doctor had recommended her to drink. Continue reading “Breaking out of Ignorance – A short story – Part 3”

Maryland Men’s Basketball off to a 2-0 start in post-Trimble era

By Jordan Johnson

The Maryland Men’s Basketball team is off to a 2-0 start after wins against Stony Brook and University of Maryland-Eastern Shore. Continue reading “Maryland Men’s Basketball off to a 2-0 start in post-Trimble era”

Stranger Things 2 review [spoilers]: new faces and unanswered questions

By Katrionna Covert

The highly anticipated Stranger Things 2 premiered on Netflix October 27th, picking up a few days before Halloween 1984. The new season debuted a flood of new characters, and left some mysteries unresolved. Continue reading “Stranger Things 2 review [spoilers]: new faces and unanswered questions”

Review: Arundel Theater students shine in Fall One Acts

By Rachel Heller

As students, parents, and theater-lovers were ushered into Arundel High School’s auditorium on November 8 and 10, anticipating the commencement of Arundel Theater’s Fall One Acts, what awaited them was a physical embodiment of the pure ingenuity and talent of Arundel Theater students. Continue reading “Review: Arundel Theater students shine in Fall One Acts”

Ice Cats conquer the Cavaliers

By Connor Haynie and Will Schubert

The Arundel Ice Hockey team dominated the Spalding Cavaliers in a 4-1 victory last Friday night. Continue reading “Ice Cats conquer the Cavaliers”

Pulse Podcast: Halloween

From haunted houses to Halloween films, Pulse reporters Maddie, Sierra, and Imani discuss Halloween traditions. Continue reading “Pulse Podcast: Halloween”

Coding comes alive in Arundel’s Intro to Robotics class

By Davey Burgess

For students interested in learning about programming and robots, look no further than Arundel’s Intro to Robotics class. Robotics students can create physical and virtual robots, like the clawbot, and then use a program called VEX to enter code and program the bots. Continue reading “Coding comes alive in Arundel’s Intro to Robotics class”

United States Air Force celebrates 70th anniversary

By Natalie Adams

On Saturday, September 16 and Sunday, September 17, the United States Air Force celebrated their 70th anniversary (1947-present) by holding an air show at Joint Base Andrews, a military facility in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Continue reading “United States Air Force celebrates 70th anniversary”

Arundel Football ends playoff drought in big divisional win

By Connor Haynie and Jordan Johnson

Photos by Maddie Mclean
The Arundel Football team beat the Old Mill Patriots 12-7 in a hard fought win, and will be advancing to the playoffs for the first time in 2 years. Continue reading “Arundel Football ends playoff drought in big divisional win”

Top tech news articles of October 2017

By Tamoor Hamid

Last month shaped up to be a crazy time for tech stories and innovations. Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, new ways of travel, and technological goodbyes are only a few of the stories that made October so significant. These are the top tech news articles of October: Continue reading “Top tech news articles of October 2017”