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Club of the Week: SADD

By Kaja Nall and Tessa Rendina

The SADD club is short for “Students Against Destructive Decisions”. It’s about giving back to different communities by fundraising and spreading knowledge. Students can join in order to help give to those in need. The club meets first half during Pride Period in room F117 on Wednesdays.

Last year, SADD donated Christmas gifts to the organizations 22 Too Many and A Soldier’s Child. 22 Too Many is for PTS awareness and support for soldiers, and A Soldier’s Child  is to serve the children of fallen military personnel who have given their lives on active duty. This year, the club has a lot of events planned for prom and Christmas which will remain a secret!  Already this year SADD has conducted assemblies that raised awareness about drug issues in Anne Arundel County.

The reason for SADD is for students to “learn to have a healthier life style and that no matter how big an obstacle is, you can get through it,” says Mercedes Tierney. It’s important to help others as well, to spread hopefulness to the one’s in need.

Ohio State Powers Past Michigan in “The Game”

By Jordan Johnson

Ohio State and Michigan renewed their over 100 year rivalry on Saturday and it was arguably the game of the year. On the line: A chance to play for the Big Ten Championship, a possible shot at the College Football playoffs, and bragging rights. Continue reading “Ohio State Powers Past Michigan in “The Game””

Maryland Basketball heating up after 3 convincing wins

By Jordan Johnson

The Maryland Basketball team is coming off an EPIC comeback win against rival Georgetown on Tuesday night at the Verizon Center.

The Terps went on a 17-7 run with 2:21 left in the game after trailing Georgetown 68-59. Continue reading “Maryland Basketball heating up after 3 convincing wins”

That’s So Raven 2?

By Jude D.

Earlier this week the 30 year old Disney Channel star Raven Symone announced that she will be leaving her current show “The View” and going back to work with Disney channel for her That’s So Raven spin off. Raven said that she will be playing Raven Baxter but a more adult version, this character is much older and divorce with 2 kids (son and daughter). One of the kids inherited her ability to see into the future and she has to guide them on the dues and don’ts with this magical gift.

The original That’s So Raven that released in 2003, ran for 4 seasons, and has 100 episodes. Raven played a teenage girl whom just like us went to school with her 2 friends Chelsea and Eddie, but Raven wasn’t an ordinary girl. She had a special magical gift that made her be able to take a glimpse into the future. With this ability Raven got herself, family and friends in some deep trouble along the way.

There might be a little heat that comes along with this show though. Former co-star Orlando Brown (Eddie) isn’t particularly fond of the idea of the That’s So Raven spin off. Orlando posted a video stating that he hasn’t gotten a call about the spin off and that there will be no show without him. He states in the video, “It’s a serious situation, because, you know, we have fans all around the world that love the whole cast”, “We did what we could to make a historical moment happen, I don’t think that would’ve happened without all of us”. I guess we can say Orlando is a little in his feelings about not getting a call from little Miss Raven Baxter on this particular idea. As we the fans wait to see what will happen I think we can all say, the best of luck to Raven Symone and this whole spin off.

High Schooler’s Survival Guide to Stress

By Tessa Rendina

The pressures to have good grades while being well-rounded can cause students to overwhelm themselves.  “Stress is so different for every individual.  What stresses one out may not affect another at all.  I would define stress as the pressure that one feels from adverse circumstances or perceived adverse circumstances” says Arundel High School’s Psychologist Rebecca Schrader.  Between rigorous class schedules, extracurriculars, jobs, and the inevitable future after high school, students are experiencing more and more stress.

Below are some tips for each grade level on how to prevent and deal with stress.

  1. Schrader offered this advice to freshman:  “First and foremost, become involved in something.  Whether it is sports, theatre, clubs, etc.  High school can be large and overwhelming. Becoming involved in a small group makes you feel connected.  Second, take the time to do homework.  In middle school, it is easier to understand content and do well on tests without the homework help.”
  2. Sophomores might be starting their first Advanced Placement courses and should work on time management.  Being involved is still important, but be aware that AP classes are more work and time.
  3. Juniors should “be organized” says Schrader. “Figure out what way works best for you to keep track of assignments.  Don’t procrastinate.  Write down due dates and figure out when to work on each aspect so that you are not pulling an all-nighter.  And figure out a stress relieving activity, such as running, reading, music or art to help relieve the physical effects of stress”
  4. Finally Schrader suggests for seniors to “Embrace new experiences.  Figure out who YOU are.  Try to meet as many new friends as possible.  While doing all of this, have a goal and work towards it.”

Being stressed out because of having too much going on is ok now and then.  It’s alright for students to take a couple fun electives they are interested in.  If life gets out of control take a day to relax on the weekend, go for a run, dance to your favorite song or take a nap.  Drinking water, eating healthy and getting enough sleep will also help.

Do not be afraid to ask for help.  Schrader is here on all five school days and can see a student without parent permission once.

Cheer claims State Championship title

By Tessa Rendina

On November 10 Arundel Varsity Cheer won the 3A and 4A State Championship with a score of 123.64.  At counties they took first place and received a score of 125.8.

Senior Cheerleader and Captain, Lexie Tutwiler, said the team “focused on being our best and not worrying about beating other teams” she continued, “we were able to succeed by realizing that we were our biggest competitors.”  She finished by adding that they “stayed humble and worked really hard all season and all the hard work finally paid off at the end.”


Arundel Cross Country is on FIRE


  By Nina Crenshaw

On Saturday November 12th, the  Arundel Wildcats cross country team  will be participating in the state championship race, held at Hereford High school. This is  amazing considering the fact that our cross country team has not made it to state championships since 2004.


Photo courtesy of

The talented Wildcats that will be continuing on to states and performed excellent at regionals are: Nathaniel Soto, Kyle Melvin, Jacob Molina, Jacob Matrese, Brandon Foster, Tanner Pietrowski, and Seth Heward. A special shout out to Kirsten Nichols who is not only going to states but is the only girl to qualify from the cross country team to go to states.

On top of that, Kirsten is a freshman, so good job Kirsten we wish you good luck. We wish Arundel High School’s cross country team the best of luck as they go to states. Good luck, Wildcats.



How to save on holiday gifts

By Lauren Orcutt

  • Shop off season. Prices tend to rise around holiday season. Even in the summer you can start! Holidays will come sooner than you know it.
    Make a list off season of things you want or things you friends say they want or that they like. It will help a lot.
  • Get gifts at yard sales. The family members that like antiques, this is PERFECT. It’s a cheap and great way to shop for them. Sometimes you can find brand new cosmetics for the friends who like makeup.
  • If you received a gift you didn’t like last year, RE-GIFT. Don’t return it to the store. This will save you time and money, BUT make sure you are not giving it to the person that gave it to you!
  • HOMEMADE GIFTS! They’re one of a kind! Great for grandparents/extended family. It will add a little bit more love to it.
  • Baking. Best way to someone’s heart is through their tummy. Cookies, Brownies, Baked goods, or even some of their favorite snacks. Just get a cute bag or tin and you’ll be good to go.
  • Take advantage of vouchers, coupons and codes. There are many floating around on the internet and some even flying around in the mail. You’d be surprised about how much you save with just coupons.

Ravens back in First Place After Crucial Win Over Pittsburgh

By Jordan Johnson,

Heading into Week 9 the Baltimore Ravens were sitting at a dismal 3-4 record with a struggling offense and boat-loads of injuries. Things did not look bright in Charm City until Sunday where Baltimore pulled of a 21-14 win over the rival Steelers.

With the win the Ravens improve to 4-4 and now sit atop the AFC North. The win was not pretty however as the offense struggled and their only score was a 95 yard Touchdown strike from Joe Flacco to Mike Wallace during the 2nd quarter. Flacco  was 18/30 with 241 yards a TD and an INT. They could not really run the ball either as starting running back Terrance West only totaled 21 yards on 15 carries and backup Kenneth Dixon only had 13 yards on 9 carries. If the Ravens want to assert themselves as serious Super Bowl contenders,these numbers must improve.

i-1Ravens WR  Mike Wallace speaks with a reporter after Sunday’s win. Photo courtesy of

The Bigger story was the fact that Pittsburgh’s offense was also struggling to get things going. Ben Roethlisberger who was coming back from his first game since having knee surgery back in October, struggled only going 23/45 for 265 yards, he also added a passing TD and a rushing TD and threw 1 interception. Most of those yards came in the 4th quarter where Pittsburgh did score 14 unanswered points but still came up short of the Win.

After Pittsburgh scored their 2nd TD in the 4th quarter they attempted what was by most, one of the weirdest onside kicks in NFL History. On the kick he just flat out whiffed and the ball barely moved forward. This one will be talked about for years.

snapshot_20161106_152821Steelers kicker Chris Boswell attempts an onsides kick. Photo courtesy of

Now, the Ravens will have a short week to prepare for the win less Cleveland Browns who will be coming into Charm City on Thursday night.


Photo courtsey of

Escape room game coming to Waugh Chapel soon

By Lauren Orcutt

Define Escape Room: a physical adventure game in which players are locked in a room in a room and have to use elements of a room to solve a series of puzzles and to escape within a time limit.

Escape rooms are known as a team building activity and sometimes to collaborate with people you don’t know. Coming soon to Waugh Chapel is Mission Escape. The rooms in this game are set as various locations such as a black and white, a prison, Edgar Allan Poe, etc. Teammates collaborate together to figure out the clues which combines with other clue in order to escape the room you are trapped in. The goal of the game is to solve all the puzzles in under 50 minutes. If you do not, you are stuck in the room until you figure out everything.

SOME TIPS (You’ll need them)

  2. If you are not renting out the entire escape room, be prepared to communicate with people you don’t know and accommodate with them
  3. You will not have your phone so you can fully communicate with the people around you and to not cheat!! They are locked in a locker so no, nobody will take it. This is all with your head and your problem-solving skills.
  4. There are no clocks so there is no countdown to lock at. Take your time but also hurry up! This means if you are stuck on one problem, ask for help. There is an intercom system that you can ask questions to.
  5. Verbalize what you see so that everyone can work together and help each other out.
  6. Lastly, think like an engineer or a director. What’s a game without a plot?

Hopefully, these tips will help you out with the Escape Room if you decide to try it out! 8/10 but is strongly recommended for fun or team building activities.