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“Metropolis” director Eddie Haggerty encourages advancement of Arundel theatre

By Kaitlyn Letourneau

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Eddie Haggerty, the director for the Arundel High School musical, Metropolis, returns once again from Disney to direct the cast-members. Eddie works at Disney Cruise Line as the stage manager, and has been working for the theaters here in the DC area for over twenty years. This is Haggerty’s fifth year directing the annual Arundel musical, having joined fellow director Mrs. Minor when she transferred from Bowie High School. Continue reading ““Metropolis” director Eddie Haggerty encourages advancement of Arundel theatre”

After 39 years at Arundel, Mary Ellen Towns’ teaching career comes to a close

Photo via Panorama

By Caitlyn Freeman

As kids walk through the downstairs F-hallway before the late bell rings on Thursday, April 25th, 2019, Mary Ellen Towns is on patrol. She greets students as they walk by; asking athletes how their games the previous evening went, telling kids to keep walking to prevent traffic, and reminding students to get to class on time, keep their hands to themselves, and overall behave themselves. While monitoring the students as they make their way to their 1A class, she also begins multi-tasking in order to be prepared for the arrival of her 1A class; sorting through papers, turning on the projector, and organizing the countertop. Her first period of the day is Drugs in Society, an elective that teaches students about the different types of drugs, illegal substances, and their impact.

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Rida Alvi: a student with a passion for politics

By Natalie Adams

Rida Alvi is an International Baccalaureate (IB) student at Annapolis High School, with an interest in travel, art, tennis, history, and public policy. While most of her interests are just hobbies, her passion for public policy has led her to one of the highest student leadership positions in Anne Arundel County: Student Member of the Board (SMOB).

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