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Radio station dedicated to Mechanical Music officially launches

By David Burgess

In April of 2018, a new radio station featuring mechanical music was launched. It is unique as it is the world’s only radio station that features this type of music. All types of self playing instruments are played on this station, from street organs, to band organs, fairground organs, concert organs, dance organs, orchestrations, music boxes, and sometimes theater organs, 24 hours a day with no commercials. Thus, Mechanical Music Radio was born.

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Las cosas que extraño de mi tierra

Editor’s Note: This is The Pulse’s new Spanish Column written by and for Arundel’s Spanish-speaking students in an effort to be more inclusive.

Por Julisa Murcia y Jorge Martínez


Probablemente pocas personas en este país hablen de su tierra, tal vez porque entre su trabajo, tareas del hogar, familia y muchas otras cosas no tengan tiempo para decir lo mucho que extrañan su tierra. Llega el tiempo de cambiar y para eso yo quiero expresar a todas las personas las cosas que extraño de mi tierra Honduras y su gente. Una de las cosas que más extraño es la manera en que vivimos, una vida sin preocupaciones por que somos conformes con lo que tenemos.

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Abandoned 25 Year Old Bill Kromer Band Organ Found In Ocean City Maryland

By David Burgess

Many have gone to the historic carousel at Trimper’s Rides in Ocean City, Maryland, and many have probably read about its history there or rode it, but is there something else historical too?

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The annual Homecoming Dance: a memorable night

By Kirstin Nichols

On Saturday, October 6th, the building excitement from a week of dressing up, a parade, a football game and a pep rally ended in the annual Homecoming dance.

Although many students spent the morning and afternoon competing on athletic teams, by the evening they were looking their best and ready for a night of fun. Continue reading “The annual Homecoming Dance: a memorable night”

Jungle’s “For Ever” album sent me to disco purgatory

By Leah Ogden

Released on September 14th, Jungle’s “For Ever shows off a fresh twist on not only Hi-Fi funk, but their own personal sound. This was their first release since their self-titled debut in 2014, but they have yet another in the works. Emerging in 2013, Jungle was founded by two childhood friends known as J and T. Placing great value on the artistic presentation of their image, they eventually became a 7-piece band with a gnarly reputation for their live performances.

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Decades old vintage planes: Douglas DC-2 and DH-88 Comet

By David Burgess

Two legendary aircraft are famous after the MacRobertson Air Race in 1934. Both are still operational, have a history, and are airworthy.

In the MacRobertson Air Race in 1934, a twin engine propliner operated by KLM called Uiver, which was a Douglas DC-2, placed second, while another aircraft, a DH-88 Comet called Grosvenor House placed first. Uiver is one of the only 2 surviving DC-2 aircraft, as well as Grosvenor House, with Black Magic being restored. Uiver can still be seen and flown in Aviodrome in The Netherlands, while Grosvenor House, which has been restored, can be seen at Old Warden in the United Kingdom.

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A letter from The Pulse’s departing editor-in-chief

Dear Arundel,

Two semesters, three newspapers, and 27 articles later, my time as editor-in-chief of The Pulse has come to a close. My journey hasn’t always been easy, but meaningful endeavors are never easy. Continue reading “A letter from The Pulse’s departing editor-in-chief”

Shootings, paranoia, fear: is this the new ‘normal’?

By Caitlyn Freeman

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

It’s like we’re in the 1950s and 1960s all over again. Then, you didn’t know who was a communist, the same way you don’t know who a shooter in a crowded mall could be. This paranoia is being relived. Kids all over the country fear going to school each day, because today could be “the day,” sitting in classrooms and planning an escape route in the event that someone opens fire on campus. Parents are forced to have “in the event of a shooter” talks with their kindergartners. This is the new “normal. Continue reading “Shootings, paranoia, fear: is this the new ‘normal’?”

Virgil Abloh, here to save the day for Louis Vuitton

By Yasemina Dayi

Over the past week, the news of Virgil Abloh’s new appointment as Louis Vuitton’s Menswear Artistic Director broke the internet. This is monumental news, not just for Virgil Abloh’s professional career, but for Louis Vuitton’s new leap into streetwear designs and the fashion world as we know it. The new position for Virgil, who is replacing the infamous Mr. Kim Jones, is no surprise to anyone in the fashion community, and is regarded as well deserved. Continue reading “Virgil Abloh, here to save the day for Louis Vuitton”

WildcatTechRoundup: microcomputers, nanobots, Facebook scandals

By Tamoor Hamid

From nanobots to microcomputers, March was an awesome month filled with news ranging from the weird to the controversial. Continue reading “WildcatTechRoundup: microcomputers, nanobots, Facebook scandals”