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WildcatTechRoundup: all the tech news you should be reading from around the internet

By Adian McGaughey and Tamoor Hamid

February’s tech news largely centered around historic moments in space. From 4G LTE on the Moon to a space-traveling sports car, here’s an overview of last month’s most noteworthy tech stories. Continue reading “WildcatTechRoundup: all the tech news you should be reading from around the internet”

The problem with Instagram

By Laura Bonnington

Have you ever posted a picture on Instagram to help improve your outer image?  A poll on the Pulse’s Twitter showed that 75% of voters answered yes. I love social media; don’t get me wrong, but recently I’ve felt trapped in this endless monotonous cycle of switching between apps. Continue reading “The problem with Instagram”

Social media offers a new way to navigate the political landscape

By Tay Cheema

We are currently faced with numerous political issues spread throughout the world. These prominent controversies and problems are scattered all throughout social media platforms, where people not only see these issues, they discuss them and even argue them.

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Why Arundel is lucky to have coding classes

By Davey Burgess

Very few schools have coding classes. In fact, according to, only 40% of schools teach coding—and Arundel High School is one of those schools.

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Arundel theater company enters thick of musical season stress

(Photo courtesy of Cezary Gurbada)

By Laura Bonnington

As musical season gets ready to start up again, the stress of all the perils that go along with 4-day-a-week rehearsals and what it takes to put on a full-scale musical, begins. Members of the Arundel Theater Company shared what stresses them out the most about theater season in preparation for the coming months.

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Top tech news articles of December 2017

By Tamoor Hamid

The last month of 2017 was filled with many historical moments. Perhaps the most significant news, the FCC decided the fate of Net Neutrality. From Voyager 1 to an Apple fiasco, December was a month to remember. Continue reading “Top tech news articles of December 2017”

A calamitous year: rising above the rubble of 2017

By Jaime Abdu Na Man Sa

2017 has been plagued by a seemingly endless procession of tragedies. Even for those unaffected by the year’s events, the feelings of loss and sorrow are still palpable.

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Top tech news articles of November 2017

By Tamoor Hamid

Cover photo courtesy of

While November was not as jam-packed with tech releases and breakthroughs as previous months, major events still occured. Some events will largly impact how we interact with technology and the internet in general. From lasers to government, this month has definitely left its mark.

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Views on astrology in modern-day society

By Tay Cheema

You might be familiar with astrology or horoscopes—maybe even zodiac signs. You might also know that astrologers believe that the positioning of the stars and planets affects a person’s character. Ultimately, astrology and zodiac signs are based off of theories, opinions, and stereotypes. Your zodiac sign is perceived as an essence of your personality determined by your birth month. It may sound like an absurd concept, but to the vast majority of the current generation, astrology is a captivating idea. Continue reading “Views on astrology in modern-day society”

Review: Arundel Theater students shine in Fall One Acts

By Rachel Heller

As students, parents, and theater-lovers were ushered into Arundel High School’s auditorium on November 8 and 10, anticipating the commencement of Arundel Theater’s Fall One Acts, what awaited them was a physical embodiment of the pure ingenuity and talent of Arundel Theater students. Continue reading “Review: Arundel Theater students shine in Fall One Acts”