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AACPS Budget Meeting attendees call for teacher salary increases

By Caitlyn Freeman

The Board of Education of Anne Arundel County began the budget process for Fiscal Year 2020 on Tuesday, January 8th, at Old Mill High School with a public hearing.

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Arundel students participate in The Hour of Code for the first time

By Aidan McGaughey

In the first week of December, Arundel students participated in an event called The Hour of Code during their math classes. The Hour of Code is formally known as Computer Science Education Week, and over 180 countries worldwide participated. Continue reading “Arundel students participate in The Hour of Code for the first time”

Three things to know about this week’s Board of Education meeting

By Caitlyn Freeman 

The Board of Education for Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS)  conducted their bi-weekly meeting on Wednesday, December 19th. Here are three important takeaways from Wednesday’s meeting.

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Arundel hosts annual Craft Fair

By Hannah Levy and Adrianna Astudillo

Arundel High school has been hosting their annual Craft Fair for over 30 years. The fair is for local businesses to share and sell their products, most of which are homemade. This year, the fair was held on Saturday, December 8th, and had a high turnout from clubs, vendors, and customers. Continue reading “Arundel hosts annual Craft Fair”

Dissection Club offers unique educational opportunity

By Kirstin Nichols

Arundel High School has many student organizations, ranging from honor societies, to language clubs, to community service clubs. However, one student-run group stands out from the others: dissection club. Continue reading “Dissection Club offers unique educational opportunity”

Anne Arundel County Public Schools updates water sampling schedule

Photo by Evangeline Fox

By Caitlyn Freeman 

According to an updated tentative schedule released by Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS), the county plans to complete its first round of initial sampling to test for the presence of lead in school drinking water outlets by the week of December 10th. Sampling for Arundel High is expected to be conducted on Saturday, December 15th, according to Arundel administrators.

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Arundel administration moves up Pride Period reinstatement date

By Caitlyn Freeman

On November 19th, Principal Davenport sent an email home to parents stating that Pride Period will resume on November 29th, approximately three school days earlier than the original December 4th date.

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Arundel administration temporarily halts Pride Period

By Caitlyn Freeman 

On November 14th, Arundel High School administration announced that there will be no Pride Period until December 4th.

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NHS gains new advisors

By Kirstin Nichols

The National Honor Society, or NHS, recently underwent a change in advisors for the 2018-2019 school year. At the first meeting on Friday, September 14th, which consisted of only existing members (new members had not been accepted at this time), Ms. Riley asked the students to vote on whether she should maintain her position as advisor. Sixteen students voted that she should leave, while eleven voted that she should stay.

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Arundel still to receive testing for lead in water sources

By Caitlyn Freeman 

As part of an ongoing testing process, 38 Anne Arundel County Public Schools have tested positive for elevated lead content in their water supply. The county has yet to receive results for 78 schools, including Arundel High School. Continue reading “Arundel still to receive testing for lead in water sources”