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New school year brings changes to Pride Period

By Natalie Adams

With the start of the new school year, students learned of a new change to the typical Arundel High schedule: Monday advisory. Now, instead of choosing a location for Pride Period, students are required to remain in their first period class on Mondays. The changes made to the schedule last year–pushing back the start time by 13 minutes from 7:17 a.m. to 7:30 a.m., shortening Pride from one hour between second and third period to half an hour between first and second period, and adding A, B, and C lunch during third period–remain the same with the exception of Monday advisory during Pride.

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Odenton Dairy Queen temporarily closed after fire

By Caitlyn Freeman 

On May 18th, the Anne Arundel County Fire Department received a call at 5 a.m. regarding a fire at the Dairy Queen on Annapolis Road, in Odenton, which is one mile from Arundel High. 31 firefighters from Anne Arundel County and Fort Meade’s Fire and Rescue were dispatched to the scene.

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Student President-Elect, Hannah Maher, discusses her upcoming Presidency

By Caitlyn Freeman

On Thursday, June 7th The Pulse sat down with Arundel Student Government Association (SGA) Student President-Elect, Hannah Maher and discussed her goals for her upcoming presidency and some of the factors that drove her to run for 2018-19 class president. The transcribed interview is below:

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The graduation experience: band kids

By Hannah Clark and Sarah Skordas

Arundel High School’s graduation may have officially started at 10 am on Friday–it was actually 9:50 when the procession began–but for the music kids, preparations started much earlier. It was, in fact, weeks earlier, when sheet music was handed out and rehearsals began. Upon entering the music wing at approximately 8:25, almost an hour and a half before the commencement, one would see a flurry of activity already underway. Even before stepping across that green-painted threshold, the sounds of rehearsing could be easily heard, the rich bellow of the brass emanating out into the hallways. Between songs, the sounds heard were of a less musical variety–the shuffling of sheet music, the scraping of chairs, the thunk of plastic water bottles not reaching the outstretched hands of their intended target, and the easy ebb and flow of laughter. Continue reading “The graduation experience: band kids”

Jenny Madden: Cheerleader, Coach, and Teacher

By Caitlyn Freeman

In 1954, the Baltimore Colts became the first team in the NFL to form a cheerleading squad. The Colts cheerleaders were loved by fans and are considered the pioneers for cheerleading in the NFL. Despite the adoring fans, the franchise moved to Indianapolis in 1984, leaving Maryland without a home team to support. 12 years later in 1996, Art Modell founded the Baltimore Ravens, filling the void in the hearts of many Marylanders.

While the Ravens were playing their inaugural season at Memorial Stadium, former Ravens cheerleader and current Arundel High School Physical Education Department Chair Jenny Madden was a sophomore at Arundel.

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Updated Thursday bell schedule includes removal of Pride Period, extended periods

By Caitlyn Freeman

The bell schedule for Thursday, May 31st, will be altered and will not include a  Pride Period. The change was announced during morning announcements Wednesday morning.This decision was made because of the senior graduation practice, according to Assistant Principal Stacey Cooper. “We won’t have enough supervision for the rest of the hallways,” Cooper said. Continue reading “Updated Thursday bell schedule includes removal of Pride Period, extended periods”

Arundel High ESOL program faces unique challenges amid county-wide struggles

By Rachel Heller

In Arundel High’s ESOL class in room G110, English learner students can be found studying their ABC’s and numbers. Then there are students learning past tense and future tense. And then there are students reading books. The students come from multiple continents. Some are registered for free lunch. Others are below a high school education level. Each year, they take an English proficiency test that has steadily risen in difficulty.

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The Pulse editor-in-chief wins international journalism awards

By Pulse Staff

Youth Journalism International awarded The Pulse Editor-in-Chief Rachel Heller two first places, one second place, and one honorable mention last Monday in its annual Excellence in Journalism contest. Continue reading “The Pulse editor-in-chief wins international journalism awards”

Arundel High teacher creates new learning platform

By Tamoor Hamid is a website designed to help students understand terms through creating examples and non-examples. Students then identify examples and non-examples by clicking “is” or   “isn’t.” Currently, Xamplr’s database has around 700 psychology terms, with new terms added weekly. Continue reading “Arundel High teacher creates new learning platform”

Arundel students explore Wall Street

By Natalie Adams

On Thursday, April 12, Signature, Leadership, and Economics students visited Wall Street and Times Square in New York City to learn more about the history of Wall Street, the financial industry, the economy, and New York City.

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