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Arundel plans school-wide high five wave as part of AACPS “Be Nice” Challenge

Friday, March 17th, students and staff from Arundel High School will be participating in a high five wave as part of the AACPS “Be Nice” challenge. Continue reading “Arundel plans school-wide high five wave as part of AACPS “Be Nice” Challenge”

School cancelled Tuesday; two hour delay Wednesday


Anne Arundel County Public Schools announced that schools will be closed Tuesday with forecasts calling for a snow storm. The county announced the cancellation with statements via their website, social media, and an automated call. Reactions on social media ranged from relieved to jubilant.

The county’s statement included language making it clear that no decisions have been made regarding Wednesday, but laid out an “if” possibility.  Continue reading “School cancelled Tuesday; two hour delay Wednesday”

Arundel High School student government to hold first annual spring dance (updated)


By Briana Mercado

Update: Due to scheduling difficulties the dance has been postponed to April 7th, 2017 from 7:00pm -10:00pm.

Gambrills, MD- The Arundel Student Government Association (SGA) class of 2018 and 2019 is holding its first annual spring dance, the theme being spring fling, in order to fund their respective proms. Continue reading “Arundel High School student government to hold first annual spring dance (updated)”

Theater students put in hard work to prepare Les Misérables

By Katelyn Shibilski


Les Misérables is perhaps one of the most popular musicals in history; the London production of the show is the world’s longest running show, the musical has won over 140 professional awards including Tonys and a Grammy, and it has been translated into 22 languages. Usually people have to travel to New York City to see the show done, but for a limited time the students of Arundel High School will be performing it. Continue reading “Theater students put in hard work to prepare Les Misérables”

That’s So Raven 2?

By Jude D.

Earlier this week the 30 year old Disney Channel star Raven Symone announced that she will be leaving her current show “The View” and going back to work with Disney channel for her That’s So Raven spin off. Raven said that she will be playing Raven Baxter but a more adult version, this character is much older and divorce with 2 kids (son and daughter). One of the kids inherited her ability to see into the future and she has to guide them on the dues and don’ts with this magical gift.

The original That’s So Raven that released in 2003, ran for 4 seasons, and has 100 episodes. Raven played a teenage girl whom just like us went to school with her 2 friends Chelsea and Eddie, but Raven wasn’t an ordinary girl. She had a special magical gift that made her be able to take a glimpse into the future. With this ability Raven got herself, family and friends in some deep trouble along the way.

There might be a little heat that comes along with this show though. Former co-star Orlando Brown (Eddie) isn’t particularly fond of the idea of the That’s So Raven spin off. Orlando posted a video stating that he hasn’t gotten a call about the spin off and that there will be no show without him. He states in the video, “It’s a serious situation, because, you know, we have fans all around the world that love the whole cast”, “We did what we could to make a historical moment happen, I don’t think that would’ve happened without all of us”. I guess we can say Orlando is a little in his feelings about not getting a call from little Miss Raven Baxter on this particular idea. As we the fans wait to see what will happen I think we can all say, the best of luck to Raven Symone and this whole spin off.

Vocal and instrumental skills, bagel jokes shine at Arundel’s Got Talent

By Tessa Rendina

Arundel’s Got Talent, a show presented by Tri-M, Arundel’s music society, featured multiple musical acts, a poetry reciting, and puns about bagels on Friday, September 30th. Prior to the acts, the MCs, Kelley Louder and Dominic Leo, started off with their first and only joke of the night:

“What do you call a bagel that can fly?” asked Louder.

“What?” said Leo.

“A PLANE BAGEL!” exclaimed Louder.

This pun got a few laughs…the first time. Other than the lack of preparation, the MC’s improvised their way through the rest of the show successfully.

While Louder and Leo may not have been prepared, the performers definitely were.  Around 20 acts auditioned for the talent show this year and only 13 made it through.  Jacob Wright and Malachi Miller kicked off the show on the saxophone and piano.  Later on Journey Brown-Saintel recited the famous spoken word poem “To This Day” by Shane Koyczan.  Other performances included Faith Armstead on the ukulele, Kyler Hewitt and Jay on the piano, Robert Smith and Cassie Williams with their duet, part of Men’s Choir singing “I Saw Her Standing There,” and covers of songs sang by Temi Akinsana,  Lauren Orcutt, and Katelyn Shibilski.

Krystal Garay-Rodriguez took first place with “Satisfied” from Broadway Musical Hamilton.  Close behind her Carlo Robles was awarded second for his cover of “So Sick” by Ne-Yo and Katie Mohr received third with her rendition of “Feelin’ Good.”

Stage Director, Su Kim, thinks “it was the best talent show Arundel has had in a long time” and “[hopes] it happens again” next year.

Photos taken by Band Photographer Stephen Barrett

Top 5 Daily Activities to Help Your Physical Health

By Bridget Sherlock  

Edited by Tessa Rendina

1. Daily Exercise like chores or shopping 

As odd as it sounds, just doing things, like laundry or going grocery shopping, elevate your heart rate.

2. Drink enough water

As your body is made of 50-60% water, it would only be appropriate to nourish this as your body loses water through sweating. Keep yourself healthy and hydrated by reducing the number of sugary drinks you have and drink water instead.

3. Take the stairs

We all hate the stairs, but it could help your physique in the long run as it increases your heart rate and makes your legs work.

4. Laugh

Most of us probably know the quote ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ well by laughing it expands and contracts your stomach muscles, therefore effectively working on your abs

5. Taking a ‘break’ from sitting

Our bodies were never meant to sit around all day. Students in high school sit for about 7 hours a day during school and then go home to continue sitting around doing homework or studying. It’s been said that sitting for an excessive amount of time can negatively affect your health in the long run.

How to make a toga (a step-by-step guide for seniors)

Spirit Week kicks off this (‘Merica) Monday, and perhaps the most challenging outfit of the week is the Senior Toga.

If you’re in your final year at Arundel but you’re scratching your head when it comes to how to make a proper toga outfit, our tutorial, featuring the Class of 2017’s very own Kirstyn Dugger, will have you set and looking like a Greek Goddess or God.

5 things only seniors will understand

By Jude DeLoach

Edited by Tessa Rendina

As the class of 2k17 enter their last year of Arundel, we can all say administrators and other students are ready for us to walk across that stage and be out for good.  What everyone doesn’t understand is it’s just as stressful being a senior as it is to be a freshman or even a junior. Here’s a list of 5 things only us seniors can relate too.

Senior Parking– Don’t get me wrong, we love to drive to school and feel cool and showing off our cars to all of our classmates, but shouldn’t parking be for everyone? We shouldn’t have to pay for parking. Like, really? For the past 3 years, we’ve paid for everything, from school lunch to obligations. MAKE PARKING A FREE FOR ALL!

Applying For College– The stress of writing college essays and applying for different colleges can make life for us 17 and 18 year olds so stressful. Applying for college is like applying for your dream job. We only get one shot at this opportunity. Once you submit your application and you have to wait weeks, even months for a response. Then the anxiety builds and it’s either 2 choices: you got into your dream school or your life is over and you might as well cry yourself a river and jump in it.

Time– We barely get time to really do anything between school, jobs, and extra-curricular activities. We don’t get time to enjoy each other’s personal company. Being able to hang out with friends and family is a big part of who we are as we are growing to be mature responsible adults.

Anxiety– We all have anxiety when it comes to school, but I’m pretty sure that as we are leaving the young world and entering a new adult like world some of us feel as though most of our hard work will NOT pay off. Anxiety kills. As we work hard to achieve our goals we sometimes have the harsh doubt that this will all be for nothing.

Graduation- Once we hit our final 2 months of being in high school, getting our caps and gowns and growing up we start to feel sad and upset that most of our friends won’t actually be our friends once we graduate. Everyone begins to go their separate ways and relationships and friendship bonds begin to get broken. Our poor little hearts begin to shatter as we say our final goodbyes….. it’s such a bittersweet moment.

Arundel student and CRASC President Scott Howarth defends new bathroom policy

By Tessa Rendina

Video posted by Anne Arundel County Public Schools

The Chesapeake Regional Association of Student Councils (CRASC) President and Arundel senior, Scott Howarth, responded to comments opposing the new policy on transgender students and their ability to use certain bathrooms, on September 7th last week.

Opponents of the rule, including the county council and local leaders, are concerned it is unfair to the majority of students.  The new guidelines are being held currently, until the Supreme Court makes a decision on a case of a transgender teen in Virginia. The Board of Education, including President Stacy Korbelak, are in support of Scott Howarth and the other students involved in CRASC.

“Back in 2013, CRASC started the conversation about LGBT discrimination issues in our schools. We believed that any student regardless of their sexual preference and gender identity should be treated equal,” Scott Howarth said in an interview with The Pulse last Friday.

“Currently we are discussing the transgender guidelines and the new calendar in the executive order from Governor Hogan,”  Scott said. CRASC has been involved in other rules as well, such as the development of quarterly assessments and even voting in a Student Board Member who has voting rights throughout the state.

Howarth has been a member of CRASC for seven years and the elected President for two. The Arundel senior is also involved in student government association (SGA), the SGA for the class of 2017, Athletic Leadership Council, and is a Varsity Golf Captain.  He is planning on double majoring in computer science and political science at the University of Maryland.  He discussed the impact of the student government on himself as “[helping him] learn how to work with others and about the local political process.”

“I like that students get to voice their opinions and have a say in policies that directly affect them,” he said.