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Students and staff experience changes coming back to school

By Isabela Packer and Kaylee Renfro

As Arundel High School’s students and teachers have been going back to in-person school, they have encountered plenty of changes to the way school is being conducted and the environment. Some of the changes include mandated masks at all times, free lunches, and quarantining for ten days if sick or exposed to covid.

Samantha Murphy, a junior, said coming back to school for her has been “tiring, exhausting and a little bit fun.” She says the past year has been weird for her, but she says, “wearing the masks all day has been fine.” Paige Spriggs, a sophomore, said, “High school is a lot different than middle school. I get a lot more freedom and a lot more homework.¨ She is excited to participate in all the theatre opportunities that Arundel High School holds. ¨I’m hoping to do the Spring Musical, or just get more involved with theatre. I actually want to direct the Fall One Acts. Directing them seems pretty fun,¨ she said.

Some classes have been operating differently, like Mrs. Little’s classroom.  During a recent Monday afternoon, 3rd period, Mrs Little was in the courtyard working on community building with her Honors English class in the courtyard. Brook Kline, a sophomore, explained that they were doing a team building activity to learn each other’s names. Another one of the students, Shannelle Mitchel, also a sophomore, said, “ I like how the teacher makes sure we understand and engages instead of moving on from a different topic and makes it fun.”

Mrs. Little has taught here for four years and went to Arundel High School herself, graduating in 2011. She originally planned to work in the business field but changed career paths. “It feels wonderful adjusting to covid. It feels much more natural than online learning,” she said. Mrs. Little says it was difficult not seeing her students in person. She says,“students don’t learn from people they don’t trust.” She followed up saying she wanted the students to be more comfortable with each other. Learning names engages creativity and teamwork in the classroom. “Creativity takes courage,” she explained. 

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ

By Savannah Brooks and Sahara Portlance

After a long worldwide pandemic, breakthroughs in vaccines give hope for an end and a return to a sense of normalcy. Since vaccines became available for public use in the US, many questions have risen. In this FAQ, we answer common questions that students may have about the COVID-19 vaccine.

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As hybrid learning begins, Arundel Wildcats reflect on their first online semester and some look forward to returning in-person

By Sahara Portlance

As some students begin to attend school in-person and others remain online, many students share concerns like lack of motivation, distractions at home, and missing out on a normal high school year. Others are optimistic and thankful for their teachers and the option to stay home during a high-risk and unprecedented time in their lives.

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NAACP encourages Arundel students to register as voters

By Malia Salas and Alexys Hart

The NAACP came to Arundel High School on the 21st of February as part of a regular effort to talk to seniors about registering to vote. The organization focuses on ensuring political education and equal rights for African Americans. They set up a booth in A hall, where they spoke with students about the importance of registering to vote before graduation, and also provided them forms to register.

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With bathroom use policy changes, student and faculty opinions differ

By Kirstin Nichols 

As Arundel adjusts to the new bathroom use policy, made effective on Tuesday, February 4th, student opinions on the matter vary while school staff is supportive of this new system.

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Fellowship of Christian Athletes club encourages open, faith-based discussion

Photo by Kirstin Nichols

By Carmella DiLeonardi

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is an Arundel High School club that allows members of the student body to express their faith in a safe space amongst their peers. The group is run by Arundel seniors Jack Delaney, Lindsay Wingeart, Sydnee Fitzgibbons, and Melvin Santos, as well as junior Billy McDougall.  Continue reading “Fellowship of Christian Athletes club encourages open, faith-based discussion”

Security vestibule construction to increase school security

Photos by Amber Bartlett

By Kirstin Nichols

As part of a countywide effort to increase school security, construction of a security vestibule is underway in the main lobby at Arundel High School. Continue reading “Security vestibule construction to increase school security”

At High School Nation tour’s return to Arundel, most students enjoy playing and listening to music

Photos by Amber Bartlett

By Logan Hale, Emma Wible, Spencer Mower, Dominic Mortimer, Sahara Portlance, Akayla Williams

High School Nation, a touring event promoting music in high schools and featuring live music, interactive activities, and promotional giveaways, staged an event at Arundel for the second time in four years on Friday, October 11th. The event was staged in the F-Hall parking lot. As part of the event, the tour donated resources to Arundel’s music program. 

Performers included R&B singers Micah Blu and Jessame, pop singer Sofi K, and actress and singer Kerri Medders. The festival was sponsored by and included giveaways from Takis and Hollister. During the festival, students could try out various instruments (including guitars, basses, drums, microphones, and DJ equipment) or learn dance steps at a smaller dance stage. There was also a ball-pit and a tent with bean-bag chairs. 

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The Joint Initiative to Eliminate the Achievement Gaps holds first meeting at Arundel High School

Photo by Yarmi Kalokoh

By Yarmi Kalokoh

The Joint Initiative to Eliminate the Achievement Gaps, a new committee created to identify and investigate issues related to differences in academic performance among various student groups, held their first meeting in Arundel High School’s auditorium on Monday, September 23rd. The meeting, following a press release announcing the joint effort between the school board and county government, was led by both Superintendent Dr. George Arlotto and County Executive Steuart Pittman and provided Anne Arundel County (A.A.Co) and Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) data highlighting achievement gaps, particularly between African-American students and other student groups. Continue reading “The Joint Initiative to Eliminate the Achievement Gaps holds first meeting at Arundel High School”

High School Nation tour coming to Arundel High October 11th

By Caleb Williams

On Friday October 11th, Arundel High will host the High School Nation Tour sponsored by Hollister. The High School Nation Tour is a traveling Music & Arts festival that visits public high schools across the country introducing students to opportunities in all fields of the arts.

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