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Arundel art students visit artist John Bodkin’s studio

By Natalie Adams

On Wednesday, October 4th, Arundel high school art teacher Jennifer Rolfsness’ AP 2D and honors 3 2D art students visited visual artist John Bodkin’s art studio in Gambrills, MD to learn about pursuing a career in art. Continue reading “Arundel art students visit artist John Bodkin’s studio”

Arundel adopts new single-color graduation gown policy, faces controversy

By Rachel Heller and Maddie McLean

On December 1st, Arundel High School announced their school-based decision mandating seniors of 2018 and future years to wear single-color green gowns for graduation. Arundel’s policy has been put in motion by Principal Gina Davenport to emphasize school-wide unification.

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Top tech news articles of November 2017

By Tamoor Hamid

Cover photo courtesy of

While November was not as jam-packed with tech releases and breakthroughs as previous months, major events still occured. Some events will largly impact how we interact with technology and the internet in general. From lasers to government, this month has definitely left its mark.

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Lesser known electives: all about American Film Studies

By Leah Ogden

Even though Arundel offers plenty of unique and interesting classes, students lose opportunity due to simply not having enough information about them; whether it’s a case of not knowing what can be expected from a course, or even not knowing that it exists at all. There are far too many classes that our students miss out on when they could be imperative for a specific career, a more preferred way to gain necessary credits, or just a fun way to fill their schedule. Continue reading “Lesser known electives: all about American Film Studies”

An old time favorite, the Wurlitzer 153 Band Organ plays on

By Davey Burgess

Photo courtesy of

Band Organs are old organs designed to play tunes from a roll. While modern merry-go-rounds use recorded music, these organs are a sight to see. Despite being out of production, they have been kept through the years by being well maintained, or restored. Continue reading “An old time favorite, the Wurlitzer 153 Band Organ plays on”

Wildcats with Wands combats the real-life Voldemort behind emotional abuse

By Rachel Heller

Photo Courtesy of SaintelDaily

While Arundel Senior Journey Brown-Saintel won’t be casting spells or attending Hogwarts anytime soon, she and many other students in her community are more similar to fictional wizard Harry Potter than one may realize. Continue reading “Wildcats with Wands combats the real-life Voldemort behind emotional abuse”

Arundel science students go to NASA

By Natalie Adams

On Wednesday, November 8, Arundel astronomy and physics students went on a field trip to the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, to learn about the new telescope and careers within the agency. Continue reading “Arundel science students go to NASA”

Review: Arundel Theater students shine in Fall One Acts

By Rachel Heller

As students, parents, and theater-lovers were ushered into Arundel High School’s auditorium on November 8 and 10, anticipating the commencement of Arundel Theater’s Fall One Acts, what awaited them was a physical embodiment of the pure ingenuity and talent of Arundel Theater students. Continue reading “Review: Arundel Theater students shine in Fall One Acts”

Coding comes alive in Arundel’s Intro to Robotics class

By Davey Burgess

For students interested in learning about programming and robots, look no further than Arundel’s Intro to Robotics class. Robotics students can create physical and virtual robots, like the clawbot, and then use a program called VEX to enter code and program the bots. Continue reading “Coding comes alive in Arundel’s Intro to Robotics class”

United States Air Force celebrates 70th anniversary

By Natalie Adams

On Saturday, September 16 and Sunday, September 17, the United States Air Force celebrated their 70th anniversary (1947-present) by holding an air show at Joint Base Andrews, a military facility in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Continue reading “United States Air Force celebrates 70th anniversary”