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Ms. Pelle: A lifetime of STEM studies

Photos by Amber Bartlett

By Jacob Mitchell

Ms. Pelle is a new Arundel High School teacher specializing in computer science. She is the first female computer science teacher with career experience in the STEM field at Arundel.

Before she became a teacher, Ms. Pelle worked as an environmental engineer studying climate change, where she did construction and design at Princeton Hydro. During this time, Ms. Pelle worked on stream restoration, where she would go in and dredge the size for stream banks or create new streams. She also did other things like dam removals, which she said is “essentially taking out a lot of dirt”. She worked at Princeton Hydro for 8 years before deciding to teach computer science at the University of Alabama and the University of Tennessee.

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After 39 years at Arundel, Mary Ellen Towns’ teaching career comes to a close

Photo via Panorama

By Caitlyn Freeman

As kids walk through the downstairs F-hallway before the late bell rings on Thursday, April 25th, 2019, Mary Ellen Towns is on patrol. She greets students as they walk by; asking athletes how their games the previous evening went, telling kids to keep walking to prevent traffic, and reminding students to get to class on time, keep their hands to themselves, and overall behave themselves. While monitoring the students as they make their way to their 1A class, she also begins multi-tasking in order to be prepared for the arrival of her 1A class; sorting through papers, turning on the projector, and organizing the countertop. Her first period of the day is Drugs in Society, an elective that teaches students about the different types of drugs, illegal substances, and their impact.

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Wildcat Ink: Arundel students share their tattoos and experiences

By Evangeline Fox

Expression at a young age is vital to growing up. When people learn how to be vulnerable from a creative standpoint, they can also learn how to become confident and grow. Tattoos are one of the many ways people choose to express themselves. Body art can hold secret meanings or defining stories which showcase the individual in a deeper way. At a young age, several Arundel students have gotten pieces on their bodies to cater to their own personalities and share a side of them that outside perspectives might not ever know.

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Rising country star, Jackson Dean, discusses recent success

Photo By Scott Lehr

By Natalie Adams

The Arundel Wildcats played their last home football game of the season against the Chesapeake Cougars on Friday, October 19th, but this game was unique for more reasons than being the last home game. Instead of playing a recording of the National Anthem over the loudspeakers, Arundel’s own Jackson Dean sang America’s theme song and it went viral.

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Dr. DePriest: college professor turned high school English teacher

Photos by Evangeline Fox

By Olivia Falck

Dr. DePriest has been a teacher at Arundel High School for two years now, but when students realize she is a former college professor, they often become confused. Questions arise such as, “why on earth would you come back to teaching high schoolers?” and “but weren’t you making more money before?” The answer for DePriest has developed over many years, and pertains to not only just her career, but her lifestyle as well.

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Humans of Arundel: Ms. Brumbach

By Josh Kirk 

“Sing out!” says Ms. Andrea Brumbach, as she often tells her choir students to be confident in their singing abilities. Ms. Brumbach is one of three music teachers at Arundel High School. She directs choir (concert and Honors chamber) at Arundel and teaches instrumental lessons for piano and guitar.

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Jenny Madden: Cheerleader, Coach, and Teacher

By Caitlyn Freeman

In 1954, the Baltimore Colts became the first team in the NFL to form a cheerleading squad. The Colts cheerleaders were loved by fans and are considered the pioneers for cheerleading in the NFL. Despite the adoring fans, the franchise moved to Indianapolis in 1984, leaving Maryland without a home team to support. 12 years later in 1996, Art Modell founded the Baltimore Ravens, filling the void in the hearts of many Marylanders.

While the Ravens were playing their inaugural season at Memorial Stadium, former Ravens cheerleader and current Arundel High School Physical Education Department Chair Jenny Madden was a sophomore at Arundel.

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Humans of Arundel: Ms. Rolfsness

By Rachel Heller and Esra Mahgoub

“I started drawing tattoos about 10 years ago, and I’m just really good at drawing so I had a couple friends ask me if I could draw a tattoo for them, and I was like, ‘Sure, I’ll try.’ Continue reading “Humans of Arundel: Ms. Rolfsness”

Humans of Arundel: Mrs. Brooks

By Rachel Heller and Esra Mahgoub

“[My farm] was in  Northern Baltimore County. We had three acres; we had goats, steers, horses, and chickens. Continue reading “Humans of Arundel: Mrs. Brooks”

Humans of Arundel: Coach Doy

By Rachel Heller and Esra Mahgoub

“For me, it’s important to be optimistic and high-spirited, A: because I understand the world you live in isn’t always going to present that, so I always want to stand out in that way, and B: the characteristic of that, you don’t need to be smart or intelligent to have that characteristic. Continue reading “Humans of Arundel: Coach Doy”