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Take&Bake: easing the stress of teacher’s lives one meal at a time

By Sarah Skordas

It was a crazy Thursday (as most Thursdays tend to go) and I was roaming around, pass in one hand, phone in the other, scoring the halls for an administrator on hall duty. Coming across Assistant Principal Mrs. Cooper, I asked if she had a few minutes to spare.

“Not really,” Cooper exclaimed, but she motioned for me to follow along and talk to her as we walked. I was working on a new story, one centered on Arundel’s culinary community and a project called Take&Bake. Making our way down F-hall stairs to the basement, Cooper was quick to express her enthusiasm on the topic, having picked up several Take&Bake meals herself. “The ziti… loved that,” she commented.

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Study food reviews: final edition

By Sarah Skordas 

Study food reviews is back but not really.

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Study food reviews: Cram Session

By Hannah Clark and Sarah Skordas

Disclaimer: This is gonna be different from our original format. It’s also going to be our last piece for the year. A grand finale, if you will. So, with that in mind, buckle up buttercups.

Act I: The Challenge

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Study food reviews: The Brown Box Eatery

By Sarah Skordas


Friday again. February 23rd. The sun’s not shining, birds aren’t chirping. The sky can’t figure out if it’s a dull grey or a pale, pale blue, the color that normally means snow if it were 10 to 15 degrees cooler. But school’s out, there’s poetry to be written, and food to be eaten, so I can’t really complain about that day’s circumstances, especially not with the Brown Box Eatery just down the road. Continue reading “Study food reviews: The Brown Box Eatery”

Study food reviews: Bento’s Hibachi and Sushi Express

By Sarah Skordas


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Newk’s eatery Waugh Chapel: A fresh take on salad

By Isaiah Freeman

Newk’s eatery is tucked away in Gambrills Maryland sitting next to the Navy Federal Bank off of route 3 in the Waugh Chapel. Dan Newcomb founded Newk’s in 2004. Newk’s sells anything and everything from pizza to Sandwiches to salads to wraps. Walking into Newk’s eatery you are greeted by the smiles a Continue reading “Newk’s eatery Waugh Chapel: A fresh take on salad”

Crofton eats: burgers, taco trucks, and an old favorite

By: Briana Mercado

Crofton, Maryland- The infamous question ‘what do you want to go eat?’ has been asked for many a year, but the answer is always ‘I don’t know’ or ‘anywhere’ which usually leaves one party or another unsatisfied. Here are a few solid options in the area to answer the seemingly unanswerable.  Continue reading “Crofton eats: burgers, taco trucks, and an old favorite”

What are the best concession foods at Arundel football games?

By Amber Hill

We started with 11 different foods sold on Friday nights at Arundel football games. The Pulse newsroom took a vote and agreed on the most popular foods sold at the concession stand. Going from drinks to foods, here are the 3 best bets:


At the last football game, there was a smoothie truck. Smoothies at football games came in 3rd place. The smoothie truck offers multiple flavors of creamy, colorful, tasty drinks. I recommend waiting in line to try one of these smoothies at the next game!


Kona Ice snow cones came 2nd place for the voting of best concessions at Arundel Football games. The Kona Ice offers 10 different flavors and 5 different sizes. The truck allows customers to mix and match flavors by themselves. If you haven’t tried Kona Ice before, Make sure to try it out at the next football game!


Fries were chosen to be the best concession at Arundel High! A lot of students who attend football games enjoy the fries the most. If you’re not sure what you want to eat at the next football game I suggest going for the fries.


A few students here at Arundel have expressed interest in the return of funnel cakes. We want funnel cakes to be sold at football games again. Let’s bring them back!

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Arundel Adventures for Your Weekend: Kilgore Falls

By Zach Carver

In Adventures for Your Weekend, we’ll be giving readers local adventure spots and weekend ideas that offer more than your average weekend hangout. This week’s spot is Kilgore Falls.


The basics

Kilgore Falls, located within Falling Branch Park in Pylesville, is one of Maryland’s largest free-falling waterfalls. Leaving early in the morning is crucial to enjoying a day at the Falls, because it ensures you both a good spot and a full day. The drive is a little over an hour depending on traffic, but the drive is well worth it. More on transportation later.


The hike

Hiking the 1.3 mile loop breaks a short sweat.  You’ll notice a small stream beside you, with vast forest on both sides. Arriving at the falls, you’ll begin to hear flowing water. the falls drop water from an above stream into a semi-deep pool, surrounded with big rocks to explore and jump off. The water is always cool.

Getting there


Not the easiest drive in the world, but it’s all worth it once you hit the cool water. Whichever route you choose, you’ve got to make it around Baltimore. Early morning weekend traffic is usually light. Some routes may have tolls, so if there’s no EZPass setup in your car, bring some one dollar bills. If a parent or friend is driving, hook them up with some toll money. Consult GMaps for the best timing/route.

What to bring

  • Bathing suit and towels
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Lightweight cooler or bag with snacks and drinks

10 easy snacks to combat after-school hangriness

By Zach Carver

  1. Easy Cheesy Quesadilla

Toast two quesadillas with cheese and salsa on a buttered pan. Cook on both sides until the cheese is melted and tortillas are toasted.

  1. Cracker Sandwiches

Sandwich strawberries (or your favorite fruit),peanut butter, and honey for an easy treat.

  1. Stove Top S’mores

Simple technique over the stove top. Be safe.

  1. Pretzel Melts

Land a slice of cheddar cheese on mini pretzels. Cook it on some wax paper in the oven at 425 F for 10 minutes.

  1. Chocolate and Peanut Covered Pretzels

Melt some chocolate and dip pretzels into the melted chocolate. Cover with nuts and freeze to cool down.

  1. Yogurt Granola Parfait

Vanilla Yogurt, Granola, Fruit. Healthy snack.

  1. Beans, Tortillas, and Cheese

Cook beans and add cheese in a folded tortilla.

  1. Homeade Cereal Bars

Melt marshmallows and butter together until liquefied. Add in your favorite cereal.

  1. Waffle and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Toast 2 waffles, slather peanut butter in between and cut into fours.

  1. Cheesy Ramen

Cook ramen and milk and your favorite cheese to the noodles for a cheap and easy, Mac and Cheese.