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NAHS students selected to paint mural for city of Odenton

By: Esra Mahgoub     

A group of students of the National Art Honor Society (NAHS), have been selected to paint a series of murals of Odenton commemorating its past, present, and future, and is scheduled to be displayed in front of a construction site on Rt. 170 by the end of the school year. Continue reading “NAHS students selected to paint mural for city of Odenton”

AZIZA holds their annual STRUT fashion show

By Charlotte Honrath

AZIZA/PE&CE club, a program dedicated to the mentoring of students, held their annual STRUT fashion show at the Radisson Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland this Saturday, March 4th Continue reading “AZIZA holds their annual STRUT fashion show”

Club of the Week: SADD

By Kaja Nall and Tessa Rendina

The SADD club is short for “Students Against Destructive Decisions”. It’s about giving back to different communities by fundraising and spreading knowledge. Students can join in order to help give to those in need. The club meets first half during Pride Period in room F117 on Wednesdays.

Last year, SADD donated Christmas gifts to the organizations 22 Too Many and A Soldier’s Child. 22 Too Many is for PTS awareness and support for soldiers, and A Soldier’s Child  is to serve the children of fallen military personnel who have given their lives on active duty. This year, the club has a lot of events planned for prom and Christmas which will remain a secret!  Already this year SADD has conducted assemblies that raised awareness about drug issues in Anne Arundel County.

The reason for SADD is for students to “learn to have a healthier life style and that no matter how big an obstacle is, you can get through it,” says Mercedes Tierney. It’s important to help others as well, to spread hopefulness to the one’s in need.

Club of the Week: Best Buddies

By Tessa Rendina

Best Buddies

Looking for inclusion and new friendships?  Best Buddies meets Mondays second half in C113. President Ana Mellos said the club “really does affect the lives of students with disabilities by allowing them to be included within our school.  Everyone in the club can learn something whether they have a disability or not.” She continued, “It means the world to me when I hear from a student with a disability or their parents that this has changed their lives.” Last year, the club participated in game nights, indoor and outdoor movies, a mall scavenger hunt, corn maze, and a 5k.  Going forward, Best Buddies is planning new events, such as PB&J (Pizza, Bingo, and Jam) nights and a Dance-a-Thon  in December.

Recently, a few of the members were able to go to a fire station and experience what it’s like to be a “Firefighter for a Day”. The group, including members Caleb, Lindsay, and Kobe, got to put out fires, ride in the fire truck, and even got featured on Fox 45.


Ms. Plitt feels, “It’s a wonderful club that has grown so much since 2008! It adds so much energy to our wildcat culture!”


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Club of the Week: It’s Academic

By Kaja Nall and Tessa Rendina

It’s Academic is a club where schools come together to compete in tournaments and on television. Participating students get a chance to win prizes and even scholarship money. The questions are based on the required courses students take to graduate. The show airs Saturdays on WJZ.

It’s Academic is open Thursday after school and Tuesday first half of Wild Cat Hour.Last year the club visited clubs to compete, but this year the club is hosting the tournament. Other schools will come to Arundel High School to answer questions and compete for prizes.

The club It’s Academic shows “…what you know and how much you’ve grown,” says Mr. Vandereedt, who sponsors the club. The club promotes teamwork, cooperation, and problem solving. Mr. Vandereedt encourages students to achieve confidence, “I encounter too many people who have ability, potential, and intelligence but lack any faith in themselves to actually demonstrate it.”

Club of the Week: Astronomy Club

By Tessa Rendina and Kaja Nall

Interested in constellations?  Star gazing? New discoveries?  Astronomy Club meets Tuesdays second half of lunch in room G109.  Ms. Oxman, the club advisor, thinks students who “are interested in looking at the stars, new discoveries in space or just watching fun documentaries about the cosmos,” should join.  Last school year the club took a trip to a planetarium, learned more about constellations, and found out what to look for in the sky each week.

This year the club plans on holding stargazing events on the baseball fields once a month.  By joining Astronomy Club students can “gain an interest in the mysteries of the universe” said Ms. Oxman.

Club of the Week: Seeking Smiles

By Kaja Nall and Tessa Rendina

Seeking Smiles

The Seeking Smiles club is a club for students dealing with stress, mental health issues or to simply have somewhere to go and people to talk to. The club is open first and second half during pride period on thursdays, in room F004. Joining Seeking Smiles can help struggling students communicate with others about their situation.

“Designed by students, run by students,” said club sponsor Diane Kirk.

Last year, South River High School created a club similar to Seeking Smiles and joined an assembly hosted by Arundel High School to promote the importance of the club. Arundel High School even went to Arlington Echo to advocate the Seeking Smiles club as well. The club is very personal, everyone is very close . Seeking Smiles helps numerous students feel safe and wanted among the group members.

Club of the Week: Signature

By Tessa Rendina and Kaja Nall

The signature program is a club and a group of career oriented classes.  Community Development and Global Citizenship are the main focus, which includes government, economics, environment, and education.  The program includes Japanese exchange students, a trip to England, debates, simulations, and service opportunities.


Rachel Schrier (Jr.) “I don’t know any other class that would let me go to England or host an a Japanese exchange student!”


Last spring, signature members hosted Japanese students for a week.  This upcoming year the program will send and receive students to and from Japan in the spring and summer of 2017.  The club is also holding a mental first aid training in AVID classes.  Other service learning opportunities include Thankful 100x Over made by Rachel Schrier (Jr.), the Gentlemens Club by Evan Kopf (Jr.), Isaiah Freeman (Sr.), and Brandon Kirk (Sr.), and the Kind Market.  The Kind Market is an organization that helps women in various countries create their own businesses and send young girls to school.  Below is a link attached about Arundels connection and impact on the organization.!Kind-Ambassador-Program/c1u9o/57b711dd0cf2cad6d1c338c0


Julia Hansen (Jr.) “Signature allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, and made me more confident.  We also made a family within the program, I love it!!”


Students are also exposed to relevant guest speakers, such as federal law enforcement officers, government officials, city planners, and military officers.  


Haley Alioto (Jr.) “We are a family and everyone feels comfortable talking about topics with each other.  It’s a time to get away from general studies and talk about real world situations in our community.”

Evan Kopf  (Jr.)  “It allows you to meet new friends that you never thought you would meet and expands your mind allowing you to think more and be open minded and also it helps you figure out what you want to be in life and how you can be that thing.”


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