An interrupted year through the lens: Arundel’s graduating photo editor shares her favorite images from this school year and her parting thoughts

By Amber Bartlett

As the 2019-2020 school year comes to a close, many are dawning back on the memories and experiences Arundel High School has forged upon us. One of these many people includes me, a senior who just happened to move here in her senior year. Due to my “newness,” I have been able to capture a specific perspective on the school year. I saw the school and its people with fresh eyes whose spirits I’ve tried to capture in my photography.

In these photos, the viewer sees various experiences the school sought to create: school spirit, cooperation, creativity, determination, and self-sufficiency. Even with the year being cut short, it has filled up with these experiences, leaving many feeling full rather than empty-handed. I have personally seen this through my lens at every event the camera has been out. All the games, lunches, classes, conversations, and laughs have covered the year in joy, outweighing any drama or conflict that arises.

Hopeful is a word that can sum up this year. As students now face school online and the future seems more unpredictable than ever, we are learning how to adapt to new surroundings. Overall, this school year has packed in a bunch of essential life skills I am glad I’ve gotten to experience.