At High School Nation tour’s return to Arundel, most students enjoy playing and listening to music

Photos by Amber Bartlett

By Logan Hale, Emma Wible, Spencer Mower, Dominic Mortimer, Sahara Portlance, Akayla Williams

High School Nation, a touring event promoting music in high schools and featuring live music, interactive activities, and promotional giveaways, staged an event at Arundel for the second time in four years on Friday, October 11th. The event was staged in the F-Hall parking lot. As part of the event, the tour donated resources to Arundel’s music program. 

Performers included R&B singers Micah Blu and Jessame, pop singer Sofi K, and actress and singer Kerri Medders. The festival was sponsored by and included giveaways from Takis and Hollister. During the festival, students could try out various instruments (including guitars, basses, drums, microphones, and DJ equipment) or learn dance steps at a smaller dance stage. There was also a ball-pit and a tent with bean-bag chairs. 

Arundel students dance on stage. Photo by Amber Bartlett

Keilyn Cook, a senior, was dancing to the side of the stage during Micah Blu’s performance. Comparing the event to last time High School Nation came to Arundel, she said, “It’s better than when I was a freshman.”

Kaylin Forward, a sophomore, was watching Sofi K and swaying to the music with her friends. “This whole event is really random,” she said. “But, I’m happy I get to hang out with my friends and get free stuff.” She added, “Plus, I’m not in school right now, so that’s cool.”

Friends pose for a photo amidst the festivities. Photo by Amber Bartlett

During Jessame’s set, junior Kayla Moultrie was singing along and taking a video of his performance with her phone. She said Jessame was her favorite act of the day. “I really like the festival,” she said, “I wasn’t expecting it to be this fun.”

Sophomore Jalen King was sitting in the shade near the stairs to the auditorium, talking with his friends. “I am enjoying [the festivities], but I don’t like large crowds,” he said. Despite his aversion to crowds, Jalen said he’d prefer to stay at the event if given a choice between attending or going home. “I think it’s good for the school community as a whole,” he said, “…it promotes special events at our school.”