Arundel Volleyball starts the season with a bang vs Towson 3-0

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By Savannah Brooks

After being the runner-up for last year’s regional championship, Arundel volleyball is back with a strong start to their season.

Towson never had a chance from the first set against the Brooke Watts-led Wildcats. Watts had eleven kills through three sets, and she was hardly gentle. Arundel had a large student section gathered, and they all seemed to take a collective gasp every time one of her balls hit the floor. The Wildcats scored the first point with a serve by sophomore Abby Niles, and although they let the Generals score six before they did, senior Nelle Smith’s touch for Arundel’s 25th point was unable to be returned by Towson, and the Wildcats won the first set 25-17. They only improved from there.

The second set was Arundel’s best set. Towson fell apart in the beginning, botching serves and missing seemingly easy plays. Senior Abrielle Scrivner seemed to block every attempt to return the ball, and sophomore Ashley Barnes’ sets to senior Jayna Liesch’s spikes were getting the Wildcats point after point. Arundel took advantage of this morale-booster, and ended the set 25-10 with a serve by junior Fiona Gonzalez.

The third and final set was almost identical to the second, with powerful kills by Watts and Liesch. Arundel stayed motivated, with Barnes even falling into the stands after hustling for a save. The game and set ended with an emphatic kill by Scrivner, and the crowd was hardly surprised.

The Wildcats improved to 1-0 for the season and play next at Centennial High School on September 17th.