Arundel Order of the Tabletop creates a welcoming community for students

By Arman Orlando Buyukacaroglu

A club called Arundel Order of the Tabletop was started by Mr. Matheny, a social studies teacher.  The club is intended for people that want to relax and play games with like-minded people.

The club takes place in Mr. Minton’s room on Fridays after school. Usually board games or role-playing games games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, Call of Cthulhu, and UR are played.

Matheny teaches a class called Evolution of Gaming, which is about the background and history of board games. There is a misconception that kids who take his class play video games, but this is false. Occasionally a video game will be played, but most of the time board games are being played.

Many kids that take Evolution of Gaming can be found in the club because they get to play what they want with their friends, whereas they have assignments to complete in class. Matheny has quite the collection of board games so, people that join the club have a lot of choices of what to play.

A 9th grader and club member, John Anderson, explained, “board games are taught to new club members patiently,” and described the class as “very nice and accepting.”