Rising country star, Jackson Dean, discusses recent success

Photo By Scott Lehr

By Natalie Adams

The Arundel Wildcats played their last home football game of the season against the Chesapeake Cougars on Friday, October 19th, but this game was unique for more reasons than being the last home game. Instead of playing a recording of the National Anthem over the loudspeakers, Arundel’s own Jackson Dean sang America’s theme song and it went viral.

Since his video went viral, Dean has traveled across the country doing interviews and performing on T.V. “The last few weeks have been exhausting,” Dean stated. “I was on three news stations… and I was in New York and L.A. within like a week and a half.” He has made appearances on FOX and Friends, Good Morning Washington, CBS, Channel 13, Channel 7, and The Steve Harvey Show, along with interviews on two country music stations, the University of Maryland, and CRAB Radio. Dean said, “It’s not what everyone would think it feels like. It’s not what I thought it was gonna be like,” and, “I’m still just a regular guy trying to make it.”

Dean began singing in his middle school chorus and also took a guitar class during his time at Crofton Middle. Since then, he has written about 50 original songs and has played several local shows.

Dean said that he started performing with the help from his parents. “My mom and dad know everybody and their mother. My mom and dad would just call people and be like ‘Hey, my kid’s playing here, come up and see him’ and then it just kind of took off from there,” he stated. Both of his parents are very supportive and, “My dad is my biggest fan,” said Dean.

With all of his travelling, Dean has run into some conflicts with school, but teachers, coaches, and administration have been supportive. Dean explained,“I missed a little bit of football and Coach Walsh was very understanding,” and “Gina Davenport loves it.”

Dean also has a social media manager that assists with his Instagram and Facebook (@jacksondeanofficial), but specifically Twitter (@therealjacksondean). “I’m not good with twitter–I don’t tweet,” he said.

He will be working on a new six song record with his band in December and January, and has his first headlining show at Rams Head On Stage on Saturday, January 12th. After finishing school in January, he plans to “hit the road pretty hard,” and has shows coming up in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia.

All of Jackson Dean’s music and merchandise is available on his website jacksondeanmusic.com.