Arundel administration moves up Pride Period reinstatement date

By Caitlyn Freeman

On November 19th, Principal Davenport sent an email home to parents stating that Pride Period will resume on November 29th, approximately three school days earlier than the original December 4th date.

On Wednesday, November 14th, Arundel’s administration announced that Pride Period was ceased until December 4th as a result of the new marking period and there is no need for academic enrichment during this time.

In the email, Davenport stated the reasoning for the new date is that “Our students have done a great job advocating for time. They cited redos, tutoring, clubs, and extra help as the reason they need PRIDE. […]”

The email also explained that students were to receive report cards on November 20th and were given an “Avid Goal Setting Sheet and Grade Analysis Document”

“The worksheets distributed with report cards are to assist students in determining what grades they need 2nd Quarter in order to earn the grades they want on that important transcript.

Davenport concluded the email by stating “Now is the time to set those goals and use PRIDE period to achieve them.”

The current bell schedule that is in effect until November 29th is below:

1st: 7:30-9:00

2nd: 9:06- 10:36

3rd: 10:42-12:42

(A-lunch: 10:42 – 11:02, B-lunch: 11:20 -11:50, C-lunch: 12:16 – 12:42)

4th: 12:48 – 2:18