Vandalism incidents provoke multiple bathroom closings

By Natalie Adams

On Thursday, October 25th, Principal Davenport made an announcement at the beginning of second period concerning recent misuse of bathrooms and consequences of that misuse.

During Pride Period, teachers received an email from Davenport, asking them to share the two attached photos with students during her announcement. Both photos were of vandalized bathrooms within Arundel.

Just after the late bell for second period rang, Davenport came on the announcements and asked teachers to show the photos from her email before continuing with her announcement. Davenport began by apologizing to students for any inconvenience they would encounter during the coming weeks, and then explained the reason for the announcement. “Unfortunately, we have had some vandalism take place in our bathrooms and because of that, several of our bathrooms will be closed during the day until that vandalism can be repaired,” she explained.

The bathrooms in question were the boys room in the auditorium lobby, which had paper towels and toilet paper strewn across the floor, and the boys room on the second floor of F hall, which had an entire stall door hanging off of its frame.



Consequently, only the bathrooms in C hall (first and second floor), G hall, and the cafeteria are available for boys. All girls bathrooms remain open.

Davenport then apologized to teachers, “who now will have students out of their classes a little bit longer because of the need to get to the first floor to use the bathroom.” She continued by stating that students, “are using our bathrooms as a hangout; they go there to have fights that they’ve arranged and they’re vandalizing the facilities.”

Davenport then reminded students that the first marking period would be ending soon, and to make sure their grades are, “above C level.” She also stated, “There’s a lot of students that are not using Pride Period appropriately,” and that she hopes students will start using it the way it is intended: to improve grades and participate in clubs.

Davenport ended the announcement with another apology for the inconvenience and the signature, “Wildcats, do something you’re proud of.”