Several Arundel athletes report rashes; cleaning forces class relocation

By Caitlyn Freeman 

On Thursday, October 18th, Principal Davenport sent a letter home to parents stating that multiple Arundel students had developed rashes on their bodies.

According to the letter,  all of the affected students are female and are involved in physical education or athletic activities. All affected students have seen Ms. Marcalus, the school nurse.

In the letter, Davenport writes that in order to combat the rash, the school has cleaned all the athletic rooms as well as both the male and female locker rooms.  

Physical education classes relocated during the initial cleaning process.  “We will repeat the cleaning and disinfecting process tonight once all athletes have left for the evening,” Davenport said.

Arundel athletes were instructed to take all sports equipment and belongings home to clean them.

Davenport recommends that if students develop a rash, they should contact their family physician immediately.