Junior prom cancelled due to low ticket sales

By Sierra McFarlane

On April 28, the junior class of Arundel High School planned on holding the school’s first-ever junior prom from 8-10 p.m. in the cafeteria. Weeks before the date of the junior prom, the junior class announced the event’s cancellation.

Each ticket cost $25, and the funds were supposed to support the class of 2019’s senior prom. If the class sold 500 tickets, the initial cost of the senior prom tickets could’ve possibly been lowered to $60 or $70. The committee needed to sell at least 100 tickets by April 13 to have the event. They began promoting the junior prom and selling tickets since the day students returned from spring break. The committee confirmed that only 5 tickets were sold. Students will receive refunds if they purchased tickets.

In an interview with The Pulse, Michael Olson, a committee member, discussed the revocation of junior prom. “The students need to realize that everything they pay for now is an investment for senior year, this could have brought their prom tickets down to $60 but we will continue to have fundraisers for the student body in our mission to make prom affordable for everyone,” he said.

The apparel theme was scheduled to be ‘dress to impress,’ which was homecoming attire at the minimum. On the class of 2019’s official Twitter, they conducted a poll on what students wanted to wear. Out of 107 votes, 63% were in favor of homecoming attire, with 37% choosing prom attire. Although the majority voted for homecoming attire, there was some backlash against it. One student said to The Pulse, “It’s called junior prom, not junior homecoming for a reason.”

A number of students didn’t see the need to go, with Madison McLean, a junior, being one of them. “There is no point in spending money on a dance that’s intended for our class next year,” she said.