Review: Arundel students hit a high note in Arundel’s Got Talent

By Shea Gardner and Natalie Adams

On Friday, April 6 at around 7 p.m., students, teachers, and families filed into Arundel High School’s auditorium in hopes of witnessing students perform in the school’s annual talent show, Arundel’s Got Talent, presented by Tri-M, Arundel’s music honor society. The show displayed 11 of the school’s gifted singers, guitarists, rappers, and dancers in nine acts. 

After a small welcoming message from Connor Skalitzky, the MC, the first performer, Katie Mohr, walked on stage to perform the song “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston. Mohr showcased her immensely impressive vocal chops as she soared through the song, receiving huge applause at both the chorus and the end of the song.

Next to the stage was Devin Weatherspoon, performing an original song called “Before Her.” In an interview with The Pulse, Weatherspoon explained said that the song was about “the desperate feeling for someone who you used to have but you let them go, and now you’re regretting it.” She wooed the audience with her songwriting abilities, voice, and piano skills.

Sam Acey was next to the stage, sporting a gold crown as he performed “You’ll Be Back” from the acclaimed musical “Hamilton,” complete with a British accent, fun acting, and royal posture.

Then, Katelyn Shibilski sang “Welcome To The Machine” with James Burcky on guitar, transporting the audience to a coffee shop with their acoustic, laidback version of the iconic Pink Floyd song.image1 (7)

Ethan Albo kept the guitar theme strong with his electric guitar solo of “Seven Nation Army.” He amazed the audience with his riffs and runs, even playing the guitar behind his back for some of the more difficult parts of the song and throwing away his pick about halfway through the solo. 

Journey Brown-Saintel and Natalie Rietschel were the next performers. Brown-Saintel showed off her rapping skills as she went through each letter of the alphabet in her cover of “Alphabet Aerobics” by Blackalicious, as Rietschel stood next to her, holding flowery, decorated signs for each of the letters. All the more impressive, Brown-Saintel was able to rap the entire song without stumbling over her words, even as the song got faster and faster.

The seventh act was Trinity Delsiva, dancing to the song “Day ‘N’ Nite” by Kid Cudi. The audience was enamored with her robotic, rhythmic dancing as she moonwalked and body-rolled her way through the song, portraying the lyrics through her dance.

Keeping with modern music, Jasmine Mullaney sang “Gone Away” by H.E.R. Even though she messed up some of the lyrics, she was able to win over the audience with her charm and voice, receiving lots of applause.

Last but certainly not least, Carlo Robles stepped onto the stage to sing “Heart Like Yours” by Willamette Stone, with the help of his red guitar. In his performance, he used a loop system, which recorded his vocals and guitar and played it back to him on loop at a tap of his foot. This loop system allowed for beautiful harmonies and dramatic chords as he serenaded the audience with his falsetto and percussive drumming on his guitar. He was able to build his entire song from nothing into a sweet ballad.image1-5-e1524097398667.jpeg

As it came time to choose the winners of the show, the judges tallied their votes while the audience waited anxiously. The tech crew, including Dominic Leo, Robert Smith, Kendra Dolinka, and Kenny Bott, had some acts of their own up their sleeves. Bott received enthusiastic applause as he simply rushed across the stage, and Dolinka and Leo had a tea party with a rose-clad teapot and tea cups as they waited for the winners to be announced. Finally, the performers lined up on stage as “Final Countdown” by Europe played from the speakers. At 8:00 p.m., the winners were announced to be Brown-Saintel and Rietschel in third place, winning $10, Robles in second place, winning $15, and Mohr in first place, winning $25.

“I wanted to go out with a bang!” Robles said. Not only did he go out with a bang, but all of the performers in the talent show let their expertise explode.