NAHS creates science banners to grace the halls of Arundel High

By Sloan Watson

Photo via Roy Lichtenstein 

Arundel’s National Art Honor Society is working on a project for the Science Department. The members will be creating banners based on different areas of scientific study.

The banners will be separated by content. Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, Astronomy, and Life Science are all the class types the banners are based on. 

Kiana Bryson, a member of the National Art Honor Society, was assigned the Environmental Science banner. “When the ideas were brought up, they were very broad. We decided on a volcano and a waterfall with the Earth in the center, and a factory to show nature and pollution,” she said.

“We then ran it by the environmental teacher to get her insight and what to improve. It’s all about collaboration, taking and giving ideas.”

The banners will be displayed in G-Hall, next to the science classes.