Arundel placed on modified lockdown over unidentified intruders

By Meghan  Malone

On February 5, 2018 at approximately 11:15 AM, two unidentified young males were seen roaming the halls of Arundel High. As a result, administration, led by Principal Davenport, initiated a modified lockdown for all students and faculty. At the time, students were in second period because of a two hour delay schedule. The modified lockdown included teachers having to lock their classroom doors, but continue teaching as usual.

After roughly ten minutes, the unauthorized males were seen leaving the building and driving away. Davenport made an announcement to notify teachers and students that the intruders had left and to resume classroom activities normally.

Although the school’s Resource Office recorded the vehicle’s license plate number, no further information has been shared with students, and it appears that the incident will have no repercussions in the future.