Why Arundel is lucky to have coding classes

By Davey Burgess

Very few schools have coding classes. In fact, according to Code.org, only 40% of schools teach coding—and Arundel High School is one of those schools.

Arundel students learn coding in Web Page Design, Robotics, and AP Computer Science. Web Page Design students are taught coding using html and css to make web pages, Robotics students use coding to program robots, and AP Computer Science students code everything from video games to web pages.

Robotics teacher Bobby Baur noted that “many schools do not have the technology, resources, or teachers capable to teach [coding].”

Teaching coding in schools allows for students to stand out in the job market. With more and more jobs requiring the use of computers and other technological advancements, knowledge in technology and coding is in high demand.

“Careers are becoming more technologically advanced, needing programmers to create, maintain, and operate these machines,” said Baur.

Programmers use coding because computers don’t understand human language. When programmers type in a code to the computer, the computer will recognize the code and try to perform the code’s function. Without HTML and CSS, a web page would be blank.

Knowing how to code can open up many opportunities.  A person with a computer science degree can become a computer hardware engineer, computer programmer, web developer, and a variety of other professions.

Arundel’s coding classes benefit students in more ways than they may realize. But in the end, students in coding classes aren’t just preparing themselves for promising future careers—they’re also having fun. The satisfaction of watching code come to life on a computer screen is something that everyone should experience.