A calamitous year: rising above the rubble of 2017

By Jaime Abdu Na Man Sa

2017 has been plagued by a seemingly endless procession of tragedies. Even for those unaffected by the year’s events, the feelings of loss and sorrow are still palpable.

Although not everyone possesses the means to provide direct assistance for those who have undergone tragic events, many have volunteered, donated, and participated in forms of activism to ignite change. We have seen every-day people and famous figures help in Texas, Puerto Rico, Nigeria, California, as well as others sites of catastrophes.

The least that unaffected individuals can do is show compassion, love, and strive to make next year a period of prosperity and much more. The losses of our brothers and sisters will not be forgotten. We can only hope for safe years to come so that we do not return to the same situations that left us heartbroken in 2017.