Arundel Football 2017 by the Numbers

By Will Schubert and Connor Haynie

As the season comes to a close the Arundel Football program looks back at their phenomenal 2017 season.  The Wildcats had players that put up astounding numbers, as well as having players that are considered to be some of the best players within the county and possibly the state.

8– Wins by the Wildcats

6- The number of consecutive wins by the Wildcats

10– The number of players selected to the Capital Gazette All County teams, Marcus Abrams, Darius Hunter, Colin Tracy, Collin Holmes, Ryan Sedgwick, Reginald Best, Ephraim Moore, Kyle Kidwell, Gereme Spraggins, and Anthony Carr.

 4-The number of players selected for the BTC all-star game, Ryan Sedgwick, Darius Hunter, Reginald Best, and Ephraim Moore

1,300– The number of rushing yards gained by Darius Hunter

20– The number of touchdowns scored by Darius Hunter

861– The number of receiving yards by Marcus Abrams

12– The number of touchdowns scored by Marcus Abrams

Congratulations to the Arundel football program on a fantastic 2017 season.