Top tech news articles of October 2017

By Tamoor Hamid

Last month shaped up to be a crazy time for tech stories and innovations. Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, new ways of travel, and technological goodbyes are only a few of the stories that made October so significant. These are the top tech news articles of October:

5. A.I. Faces

Photo courtesy of CNET

Artificial intelligence is becoming the “big thing” in Silicon Valley. It’s slowly integrating itself into our lives through products from Google and Apple. If A.I. does turn evil, Nvidia’s new software will help put a face to the monster. They have made a way to create faces that look absolutely realistic.



4. The End of AOL Messenger

Photo courtesy of Mashable

This is the end of an era for the internet. AOL Messenger is shutting down in December of this year. The instant messaging program was one of the first well-known computer programs rising to the top in the ’90s. It was one the newest ways to communicate. The downfall of Messenger was caused by a rise in apps of the likes of Whatsapp and Facebook. It’s sad to see something that helped change the Internet end after 20 years of service.



 3. Explaining an EmDrive

media-20171101 (1).png
Photo courtesy of Science 2.0

Prophesied by people like the great Arthur C. Clarke, a science fiction writer and science futurist, the EmDrive has the potential to completely change the way humans travel in space. When put to use, the propulsion system could greatly lower the cost and travel time of space travel. Spacecrafts could reach planets within weeks, not months. The drive would fulfill a rule of thumb for space travel: slow propulsion over long distances and fast propulsion over shorter distances. The only problem? The Emdrive would break the laws of physics as we know them. 



2. Tesla, Google, and Puerto Rico

media-20171101 (2)
Photo courtesy of Alphabet Inc.
media-20171101 (3)
Photo courtesy of Tesla

The recent events in Puerto Rico support the belief that it’s in times of disaster when humans truly come to help one another. The island is still very damaged and is a long ways away from repair. Both Tesla and Google are doing their part. Elon Musk tweeted his idea for turning the island to solar energy, and Tesla has put the idea into action by powering a Puerto Rican hospital with solar. Google has come to Puerto Rico’s aid by using Project Loon. The project consists of phone towers attached to balloons that can be moved to provide cell phone service over affected areas. It’s amazing what people can do together.




     1. The Hyperloop           

media-20171101 (4).png
Photo courtesy of SpaceX

It looks like Elon Musk tops the list again. Just as Musk is changing space travel, he is also changing public transportation with the creation of a new public transport system. The Hyperloop was once just an idea that even Musk said he was only considering. Now, it’s becoming a reality. The first picture of the tunnels being dug under L.A. for the Hyperloop by The Boring Company (owned by Musk) was posted on Elon Musk’s Instagram page. Not only this, but there are talks that a loop may be made in Maryland! The University of Maryland, College Park has a team dedicated to helping it become real. 



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