AACPS hosts first-ever sports live stream

By Pulse Staff

On Tuesday, October 24, Anne Arundel County Public Schools hosted their first ever live online stream of a county sporting event.  The publicly available broadcast of this season’s girls and boys county soccer championship games, which both took place at Broadneck High School, allowed spectators off-site to take in both games.

The stream was hosted on AACPS’ page on livestream.com and conducted with a joint effort by AACPS-TV staff and the Office of Athletics. In the boys matchup, Severna Park bested Meade in overtime; while in the girls game, South River took down a strong Broadneck team playing at home.
In an email interview with The Arundel Pulse, AACPS’ Chief Communications Officer, Bob Mosier, said that he hopes the service will be useful to those who are unable to attend AACPS sports games. He also sees the live streaming as an opportunity to show the county’s student-athletes.
Mosier said that regarding the 24th’s live streams, AACPS wanted to reach people who couldn’t attend the games, as well as those who might not have had “a passing interest and would otherwise not attend or read about the result.”
He noted that while the county has “a very few other games in mind down the road,” Tuesday’s games would determine future live streaming endeavors.
“There are logistical issues with some events (think multiple mat wrestling tournaments) and there are staffing issues to consider.”