Top tech news articles of September 2017

By Tamoor Hamid

From new iPhones to space-bound supercomputers, here’s an overview of last month’s most noteworthy tech stories:

  1.  An A.I. God

A.I. has been a dream of scientists for many decades. The great science fiction author Isaac Asimov made great strides in the mid-20th century with introducing intelligent robots as something other than the monster in a movie. A former Google engineer wants to expand the already controversial issue of A.I. with the idea of a religion centered around an artificial deity. This is an awesome idea going in depth into the concept.



  1.  A supercomputer in space
Photo courtesy of HPE

This month had a big moment in space exploration. The crew of the ISS were able to receive a supercomputer from Earth, and it worked in space! This may seem like a simple occurrence, but it has massive ramifications for space travel.  It could potently even get humanity to Mars.



  1. Microsoft Ignite 2017
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The biggest Microsoft event of the year occurred on September 25. It introduced a lot of the new technology coming over the year. One of the major attractions was news for the HoloLens, the augmented reality headset.



  1. The Apple Event
Photo courtesy of Justin Sullivan/Getty

The September 12th keynote released a lot of news on the upcoming tech over the year with the company. The news ranged from Apple T.V. to the new iPhone 8 and 10.



  1. SpaceX brings style to space travel
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The coolest news of September is about the new space suits from SpaceX. The suits from NASA are massive and extremely clunky. Elon Musk posted images of his suits on his Instagram, and they look amazing. Later in the month, SpaceX also said that they will be using all of the company’s resources to accomplish their main goal of landing a human on Mars.