Arundel Volleyball rallies against Atholton to obtain the first seed

By Connor Haynie

The Arundel Volleyball team showed persistence through their sweep of the defending 3A state champions, the Atholton Raiders, last Monday the 25th.

As the first set started, Arundel seemed to have no hope as they went down to an early 12-3 deficit, but the tides began to turn as Arundel went on a crucial 6-0 run that eventually led to a hard fought 29-27 win by the Wildcats.

“I think we just picked our energy level up, we were nervous going into the game because we knew they were going to be one of the hardest teams we’re playing this season, so I think once we got the nerves out and played our game we were okay and knew how to work around their defense,” Mackenzie Meehan said.

Arundel remained dominant in the second set, outscoring the Raiders 25-12. The momentum in the game was dominated by the Wildcats as they went on three 4-0 runs throughout the set.

“I think we definitely carried the momentum to help us run away with the second set.  I think once we started playing to our level we realized we can come from a 3-12 deficit, we really just pushed the whole game, and that momentum was key,” said court captain Alicia Eldredge.

Finally, the Wildcats completed their sweep with a huge 25-20 win in a tightly contested match.  This win helps Arundel maintain their spot of first seed in the county.  Arundel advances to a record of 6-0 and keeps their undefeated season alive after coming off of an astounding weekend, where they won the Arundel Volleyball Invitational posting wins against 5 teams.