Wildcats explain: Being in a band

By Breeon Estermeyer

Joining a band is like joining the circus, so pack up your things and get ready for the time of your life. Disclaimer: A small portion of your soul must be sold for the full experience.

If your band isn’t running like a circus, you’re certainly doing something wrong. Here everyone takes up the role of juggler, throwing around friendships, work, and rehearsals like it’s nothing. Everyone’s got to be on board. I mean, we’re trying to put on a show here. Everyone has their own talent/their own act, and each must be perfectly molded together in order to create a perfect show. It’s not just the drummer, it’s the drummer, guitarist, bassist, etc. There’s not one but an entity.

You’ve got to be committed. You’re not just going to join the circus for a month and then quit because you butted heads with Jan, right? Good, because the same thing goes for a band. Everyone is key. If you lose one, you lose it all.