Arundel plans school-wide high five wave as part of AACPS “Be Nice” Challenge

Friday, March 17th, students and staff from Arundel High School will be participating in a high five wave as part of the AACPS “Be Nice” challenge.

Students and staff will line up in designated spots and participate in a simultaneous high five wave around the school. Ms. Davenport will start the wave off by giving the first high five in the hallway outside the main office.

As of publication time, 79 classes will take part in this act of kindness during the last 15 minutes of 2A. If students are not in classes that are participating in this event, they can sign up by getting a pass from Mrs. Reynolds or Mrs. Billheimer in the signature office located in F Hall.

In the wake of incidents across the county, Arundel is seeking to participate in kind acts like these that provide healing and a sense of community for all of us.