NAHS students selected to paint mural for city of Odenton

By: Esra Mahgoub     

A group of students of the National Art Honor Society (NAHS), have been selected to paint a series of murals of Odenton commemorating its past, present, and future, and is scheduled to be displayed in front of a construction site on Rt. 170 by the end of the school year.

Students Elina Baltins, Irina Semand, Guaihao Pagan, Aubrey Bacon, Genevieve Rider, and Grace Palmeri have been chosen by their club adviser Ms. Brooks, to highlight the history of what once used to be a simple railroad station, and what is now a beloved hometown to more than 37,000 people.

Elina Baltins, Vice President of NAHS, states, “I’m honored to provide my input into the community as an artist, as local art is very important to me.”

The mural provides beautification to an old Nevamar site, which is currently under construction for new apartments. Its end result depicts its history, present, and what the students, as the new generation, believe the future of Odenton should be.


The “past” portion of the mural shows Odenton back in 1868, when it only consisted of the Marc train station, and the paper factory which placed Odenton on the map. The Nevamar branch was a big anchor business at the time that many job opportunities and brought an influx of people into the city. The railroad station connected Odenton to the nearby towns which gave Odenton the name “The Town a Railroad Built.” The mural also shows a farm to represent the importance of agriculture when Odenton when first established.



The present and future parts of the mural are yet to be completed, but will display the current landmarks such as the Odenton library, shopping center, and local restaurants. The future mural will be the most significant in displaying the hopes of what the students  would like to see in the years to come.

“Of course [I’m proud of these students], it doesn’t have to do with the students’ artistic ability, it’s their artistic development. The National Art Honor Society is not about who’s the best artist, it’s about promoting the arts in the community, in the classroom, and in our neighborhood. This is just another way to provide how art can bring the community together.” says club adviser, Ms. Sheila Brooks.

The National Art Honor Society meets every Tuesday during both halves of Pride Period in Ms. Brooks’ room, F006.