Class of 2018 and 2019 plans dance fundraiser “Spring Fling”

By Rachel Heller

On March 17th from 7-10pm, the class of 2018 and 2019 will host a St. Patrick’s Day themed dance, titled “Spring Fling,” in the cafeteria in hopes of raising money towards prom and graduation.

Spring Fling will be open to everyone, including outside guests. The colors of the dance will be green and white to fit the theme of St. Patrick’s Day. Tickets are $15, sold in front of the cafeteria during pride period.

“Everything is mostly done. We started spreading the word about [Spring Fling] and there’s a competition between the class of 2018 and ‘19 to see who can sell the most tickets,” says class of 2018 secretary, Esra Mahgoub.

Also planned is a spirit week, starting the week of March 12th, to accompany the dance. “It’s Jersey Monday (but that one is tentative), Tacky Tuesday, Wake Up Wednesday, Tropical Thursday, and St. Patrick’s Day Friday (wear green),” Mahgoub adds.

Ms. Kenney, the advisor for the class of 2018, comments on the motivations behind planning Spring Fling: “We wanted the students who aren’t going to be going to prom to have an opportunity to still get out there and have fun and dance together,” she says. “It’s that as well as hopefully helping to offset the cost of prom.”

She states that the class of 2018 has approximately $14,000 in their account right now. “Ideally, if we had about $50,000, the prom tickets would be very reasonable for a really good prom, and graduation covered and paid for.”

In addition to Spring Fling, the class of 2018 has a date scheduled for an Applebee’s pancake breakfast. Soon they’ll be sitting down to schedule fundraisers and restaurant nights for next year.