AZIZA holds their annual STRUT fashion show

By Charlotte Honrath

AZIZA/PE&CE club, a program dedicated to the mentoring of students, held their annual STRUT fashion show at the Radisson Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland this Saturday, March 4th. With a mix of colorful lights and music students were able to strut and show off the skills they have learned through the program.


Aziza is a mentoring program that uses arts, entertainment, and education as well as life and critical thinking skills to help teach youth. The goal of their STRUT fashion show is to help provide awareness to people about the program, and to build confidence of their youth in the program. Their motto? “Unordinary programming, extraordinary results”. Strong mentoring keeps kids in school and helps them reach their full potential.

The program has impacted many students, like Travis McKenry, an 11th grader at Arundel. “AZIZA has helped me realize who I truly am and has built me into a much stronger and better individual. It has given me all of my confidence that I have today”.