Crofton eats: burgers, taco trucks, and an old favorite

By: Briana Mercado

Crofton, Maryland- The infamous question ‘what do you want to go eat?’ has been asked for many a year, but the answer is always ‘I don’t know’ or ‘anywhere’ which usually leaves one party or another unsatisfied. Here are a few solid options in the area to answer the seemingly unanswerable. 
First is Allison’s, which at first glance, you may miss. Located at 2207 Defense Hwy, it provides a very homey atmosphere with its wonderful staff and food. It is very affordable, with meals ranging from $9-$30. Their signature meal is Allison’s Burger and their most unique item is their Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, which cost $9 and $19.50, respectively.

Next on the list is Squisito Pizza & Pasta, which you may pass a glance at when you go to Shopper’s. Squisito is the perfect place when you are really craving Italian food. It has great prices, fast service, and amazing subs. Seriously. try their chicken pesto sub. Their menu ranges from salads, chicken fingers (a classic), multiple pastas, shrimp scampi, and of course, everyone’s favorite, pizza. They have many specialties, including Lasagna Pizza.squisitoSquisito Pizza in Crofton MD. Photo courtesy of


Next up is Chick Fil-a, which you probably expected, but come on; it’s CHICK FIL-A! If you don’t know, Chick Fil-a is actually one of Arundel’s go to sponsors! Anyway, let’s get back to the topic at hand. Let’s talk about their milkshakes, which are actually liquid diamond? Their flavors include chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and cookies and crème! Waffle fries, waffle fries, waffle fries, aka the potato in the only form it is supposed to be in. And of course the rest of the menu includes classic fast food items like tenders and nuggets.

The next food location that is on my last is a food truck! It is called Taqueria El Rorro, behind the new rug store near Taco Bell. Although it may not technically be in Crofton, it is one of the best taco trucks out there.  Since it is a food truck, there will inevitably be a small menu of mostly tacos with different types of meat. There’s also Pollo Asado (Grilled Chicken) and Mojarra Frita (Fried Fish). It is a great place to go eat if you are in the mood for Hispanic food and has quick service and authentic tacos (sorry, Taco Bell lovers).


Lastly, Genghis Grill, located in New Waugh chapel near Panera, which is where you can literally make your meal! You can chose from three different sizes for your bowls: small, medium, and large. Then from there, you choose your protein (meat), spices, then your veggies, your sauce, and your starch which is rice, tortillas, cabbage, or pastas.