2017-2018 Pulse and Wildcat TV Staff

img_4920-e1519508711770.jpgRachel Heller, Editor-in-Chief

Rachel Heller is a senior and the editor-in-chief for The Pulse. She’s a member of four honor societies, and also juggles the responsibilities of secretary for French Honor Society, and Pride Council representative for Arundel Student Journalists. Outside of school, you can find her writing for the online publication Legendary Women, interning for CRAB Radio, assisting AACPS journalism teachers in enhancing their online publications, and working as a substitute assistant preschool teacher. Rachel’s interests include foreign films and music, social activism, and dressing her cats up in costumes. After high school, she hopes to travel around the world, and to work as a journalist for a publication/news outlet.


Charlotte Honrath, Head of Wildcat TV

Charlotte Honrath is a senior and the head of Wildcat TV. She is a former member of Fashion Club, and a current member of Art Honor Society and Arundel Student Journalists. When she’s not in school, Charlotte babysits and makes videos for fun. She loves movies, reading, and writing scripts for video ideas. In the future, Charlotte wants to become a successful filmmaker.

IMG_2756Jordan Johnson, Sports Editor

Jordan Johnson is a senior and the sports editor for The Pulse. He’s a former member of Arundel’s Signature program, and a former representative for Pride Council. After school, you can catch him working as a freelance journalist, previously for The Sports Column, or surrounding himself with pizzas at his job as a Papa Johns crew member. Jordan enjoys sports, Netflix bingeing, and stuffing his face with food. His goal after high school is to become a sports reporter for a news outlet in a major city.

img_6733.jpgNatalie Adams, News Editor

Natalie Adams is a junior and the news editor for The Pulse. She’s a member of three honor societies, and also plays softball for Arundel. Outside of school, she has been a People to People student ambassador, where she traveled around Europe. Natalie likes travelling, boating, painting and drawing, and listening to music. After high school, she hopes to go to college, probably University of Maryland, become a journalist and a lawyer, travel around the world, and live to be at least 101.


Tamoor Hamid, Tech Editor

Tamoor Hamid is a senior and the tech editor for The Pulse. He’s a member of Rho Kappa and Computer Science Club. Tamoor’s interests include reading, programming, comic books (his favorite is Batman), and video games. In the future, he wants to get a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, go to law school, and find a job that combines the two.


Laura Bonnington, Opinions Editor

Laura Bonnington is a senior and the opinions editor for The Pulse. She’s a member of the International Thespian Society, the president of the Tri-M Music Honors Society, and a co-editor-in-chief for Arundel’s yearbook. Her interests include musical theatre, traveling, and watching Adam Sandler movies. After high school, she plans on attending Towson University and studying speech pathology.


Tay Cheema, Social Media Manager

Tay Cheema is a junior and the social media manager for The Pulse. She is a current member of National Society of High School Scholars, and a previous member of Student to Student club and Culture club. Tay’s interests include art, history, and traveling. In the future, she hopes to go to a good college and aim towards a career in healthcare.

image1-1-e1511495942713.jpegBriana Mercado, “Woman in the Halls”

Briana Mercado is a junior and the star of Wildcat TV’s “Women in the Halls” segment. She is a member of English Honor Society, French Honor Society, and is involved in Arundel’s Child Development program. When she’s not busy with school, Briana works as a Wegmans cashier. She loves hanging with her friends, playing with her dogs, and going on long walks through the aisles of Target. After high school, Briana hopes to go to college, possibly Arcadia University, and major in a STEM field plus minor in journalism or media production.


Jaime Abdu Na Man Sa, Staff Writer

Jaime Abdu Na Man Sa is a senior and the staff writer for The Pulse. Outside of writing articles for The Pulse, he plays video games, basketball, and soccer. He’s also interested in computers, music, and making videos. After high school, Jaime wants to go to college and become a computer engineer, while also making music.