Why you should watch old cartoons

By John Moran

Recall back to when you were a child, to those TV shows you watched mindlessly for hours on end to pass the time while your parents were busy doing business around the house. You were most likely enveloped into them because of the enamoring colors and pictures it showed to your active child mind. But now that you are much older, around 14-18 of age at this point of your life and most likely are getting all media you want directly from your phone. Just consider the option though, of you one day deciding to pick up a controller and watch the television again. And when you do, why not look for those old shows again to feel bliss you had when you were a kid. Maybe even find a new show that was on air when you were young and enjoy how different entertainment was before now.

I’ve watch a couple old shows from the early 2000’s and some were pretty good shows for their time and some are even better than the ones on air now. Ironically the shows during the 1990-2000 time period were the most revolutionary to the cartoon genre in its whole, such as Courage the Cowardly Dog, Duckman and Rocko’s Modern Life. They took a large effect on the work of animators and story tellers of cartoons when they were airing and still affect those today. Those are a few of the shows that have brought something to people through their deeper messages using animated humanoid characters. Proving how there was a passion for sending a message on the morally grey issues of life to the people watching the show.

So maybe it would be nice to have something that will bring a challenging thought to you through a fun and playful method hoping to distract you from your own life. Having a difficult subject to think on and discuss is usually worth the time that you put into thinking of the next new series to watch when you’re done with the last one.