Club of the Week: SADD

By Kaja Nall and Tessa Rendina

The SADD club is short for “Students Against Destructive Decisions”. It’s about giving back to different communities by fundraising and spreading knowledge. Students can join in order to help give to those in need. The club meets first half during Pride Period in room F117 on Wednesdays.

Last year, SADD donated Christmas gifts to the organizations 22 Too Many and A Soldier’s Child. 22 Too Many is for PTS awareness and support for soldiers, and A Soldier’s Child  is to serve the children of fallen military personnel who have given their lives on active duty. This year, the club has a lot of events planned for prom and Christmas which will remain a secret!  Already this year SADD has conducted assemblies that raised awareness about drug issues in Anne Arundel County.

The reason for SADD is for students to “learn to have a healthier life style and that no matter how big an obstacle is, you can get through it,” says Mercedes Tierney. It’s important to help others as well, to spread hopefulness to the one’s in need.