Prescott? Romo? Dallas in conflict

By Kyle Wollney

Tony Romo earned a starting spot for the Dallas Cowboys in 2006. Since then he has become one of the most publicized and over watched players in the league. Although he hasn’t led the cowboys to any playoff success, with Romo in the backfield the cowboys have had 4 playoff contending seasons since 2006, being on the lower end of success. Tony Romo was one of the only three Quarterbacks drafted to Dallas since the 1990’s.

The third and final is rookie, Dak Prescott. Through week six of the NFL season, Prescott sits at 9th in the league on passer rating with 103.9. In 2014 Tony Romo had a superstar rating at 113 season average. But in recent as of 2015 where Romo only played 4 games, holding more interceptions than touchdowns on his stat sheet. Tony Romo has been shown to be the franchise QB and according to Jerry Jones it will appear to stay that way. But will he stick to his word? The other day, Jerry Jones said that if there’s a timetable on this its undecided. NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Photo courtesy of



Can Romo stay healthy?

The back injury to the long time Dallas QB leads fans to question if he can stay healthy. Romo has had multiple injuries throughout the past few seasons. The back injury is much more severe and unpredictable.

So who is fit to run the cowboys offense?

Prescott has made claims that it’s Tony Romo’s team. He is a veteran with playoff experience, and if he can play like that then there’s no question he will start. Tony Romo is being seen as the starter as he comes back this week, but if he can’t perform, we could see change in Dallas. After Prescott’s winning effort against Green Bay, it’s become clear he is capable of leading this team and is here to compete.


Cowboys QB Dak Prescott after throwing for a Touchdown. Photo courtesy of