Vocal and instrumental skills, bagel jokes shine at Arundel’s Got Talent

By Tessa Rendina

Arundel’s Got Talent, a show presented by Tri-M, Arundel’s music society, featured multiple musical acts, a poetry reciting, and puns about bagels on Friday, September 30th. Prior to the acts, the MCs, Kelley Louder and Dominic Leo, started off with their first and only joke of the night:

“What do you call a bagel that can fly?” asked Louder.

“What?” said Leo.

“A PLANE BAGEL!” exclaimed Louder.

This pun got a few laughs…the first time. Other than the lack of preparation, the MC’s improvised their way through the rest of the show successfully.

While Louder and Leo may not have been prepared, the performers definitely were.  Around 20 acts auditioned for the talent show this year and only 13 made it through.  Jacob Wright and Malachi Miller kicked off the show on the saxophone and piano.  Later on Journey Brown-Saintel recited the famous spoken word poem “To This Day” by Shane Koyczan.  Other performances included Faith Armstead on the ukulele, Kyler Hewitt and Jay on the piano, Robert Smith and Cassie Williams with their duet, part of Men’s Choir singing “I Saw Her Standing There,” and covers of songs sang by Temi Akinsana,  Lauren Orcutt, and Katelyn Shibilski.

Krystal Garay-Rodriguez took first place with “Satisfied” from Broadway Musical Hamilton.  Close behind her Carlo Robles was awarded second for his cover of “So Sick” by Ne-Yo and Katie Mohr received third with her rendition of “Feelin’ Good.”

Stage Director, Su Kim, thinks “it was the best talent show Arundel has had in a long time” and “[hopes] it happens again” next year.

Photos taken by Band Photographer Stephen Barrett