High School Nation tour takes Arundel by storm

By Tessa Rendina

Arundel High hosted the High School Nation Tour (NSNT) for the first time yesterday, October 18.  The front fields were flooded with musical performances, old records, Media, Art and Style zones.  Students could get involved on the dance floor, in the pit, the interactive zones or simply chill on the top of the hill.  While all of these activities were available, musical performances occurred on the main stage.  Singing groups, The Catching, Duo Tryon, Glamour, Loud, and headliner, Drake Bell, kept the crowd active for almost two hours.

Students can thank Music Directors, Ian Burns and Andrea Brumbach, for this event for entering in a the HSNT Raffle.  The school will receive a donation of over 10,000 dollars towards its music and arts programs.  HSNT partnered with Takis, a snack company, to create this tour to support the arts in schools.  Arundel students and teachers got a chance to show their various talents by playing on the drums and guitar,  hat designing, record painting, and showing off their moves on the dance floor.  Current Tri-M Music Honors Society members also got a chance to help staff while journalism and media production students captured the exciting event.

Drake Bell, most famous for his role in Nickelodeon show Drake and Josh, sang covers of current pop artists, including Justin Beiber and Mike Posner.  After the crowd chanted “theme song” before each of Drake’s performances, he finally sang the iconic Drake and Josh opener, “I Found a Way.”