Six Ideal Snacks and Meals

By Camryn Ellison

Whether you are on a specific diet or just interested in something new, here are some great meals and snacks for you.

Meal: Steak, Mushrooms, Rice and Broccoli

Protein, Calcium, Potassium

  • Whether you are cooking for yourself or others this is a great meal for dinner. Steak is packed with proteins along with mushrooms to build up your muscles. Rice contains a good amount of zinc to help your immune system and fight off infections. Adding broccoli to this meal is excellent considering it’s one of the world’s healthiest foods, It helps prevent cancer, lowers cholesterol, helps strengthen the bone and much more.

Snack: Banana-Strawberry Smoothie

Calcium, Potassium, Zinc

  • Now who really doesn’t like smoothies? Banana-Strawberry smoothies are tasty and healthy. It is also great for pre or post workout. Bananas are high in potassium and help with blood flow, reduce muscle cramps and soreness.

Meal: Peppered Chicken and Onion Linguine

Calcium, Iron, Protein

Snack: Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Protein, Sodium

  • These snacks are fairly easy to make. First you may season the scallops with butter, chili powder, and/or red peppers. Then you wrap the scallops with the bacon and insert a long toothpick or skewer. You can grill them or cook them on 425 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes or until bacon is brown and sizzling.

Image result for bacon wrapped scallops

Meal: Jamaican Jerk Tofu Stir Fry

Protein, Sodium

Snack: Stuffed Peppers or Tomatoes

Image result for stuffed peppersPotassium, Vitamin-C