Top 5 Daily Activities to Help Your Physical Health

By Bridget Sherlock  

Edited by Tessa Rendina

1. Daily Exercise like chores or shopping 

As odd as it sounds, just doing things, like laundry or going grocery shopping, elevate your heart rate.

2. Drink enough water

As your body is made of 50-60% water, it would only be appropriate to nourish this as your body loses water through sweating. Keep yourself healthy and hydrated by reducing the number of sugary drinks you have and drink water instead.

3. Take the stairs

We all hate the stairs, but it could help your physique in the long run as it increases your heart rate and makes your legs work.

4. Laugh

Most of us probably know the quote ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ well by laughing it expands and contracts your stomach muscles, therefore effectively working on your abs

5. Taking a ‘break’ from sitting

Our bodies were never meant to sit around all day. Students in high school sit for about 7 hours a day during school and then go home to continue sitting around doing homework or studying. It’s been said that sitting for an excessive amount of time can negatively affect your health in the long run.