Review: FX’s Atlanta a breakout in hip-hop TV

By Zach Carver

FX’s new series, produced by Donald Glover (Childish Gambino), which airs every Tuesday at 10 pm, features a realistic showcase of a rapper from down under, Atlanta, trying to make it big.

Here’s the twist: Gambino thought it was too predictable for himself to be the story’s rapper, so he centered the story on his cousin “Paper Boi,” and started from there.

Donald plays a broke guy in his 20’s who scoops money up by marketing vacation brochures. He also has a kid with a woman who doesn’t exactly want to be with him. His character’s name is Earn, and he’s also hated by his parents. Alfred, Earn’s cousin, played by Bryan Tyree Henry, portrays a starting rapper.

In the pilot episode, a story is told of Earn quitting his job to finally pursue his managing in the music world and to branch out of the low world Atlanta by having a hookup with the local radio station to get His cousin Paper Boi’s song on the air. This sky-rockets the success of the rapper and gets Earn his job of managing his cousin in the music Community. Stay tuned for more reviews and watch Atlanta Tuesdays on FX as it develops.