Arundel Adventures for your Weekend: Patapsco Valley State Park

By Zach Carver

Patapsco Valley State Park runs along 32 miles of the Patapsco River. The park includes 16,043 acres and eight developed recreational areas.

All of the park is located off South St in Baltimore County. It’s about a short 30 minute drive. The park includes The Avalon/Orange Grove/Glen Artney areas. To enjoy the vast beauty of this park, leave at a good time, because it gets loud and proud at lunch time.

Road to.png

Wading the river, walking the paved paths, hiking the trails; all can be done at this beautiful park.

Patapsco recently had a sewage spill, but with the park’s hard-working rangers and staff got the river flowing with cool clear water in a matter of weeks. Weekdays are $2 and weekend days cost $3. Well worth it for the amazing scenery and beautiful landscape.

What to bring:

  1. Sunscreen (Summer)
  2. Bathing suit (or waders if fishing)
  3. Water or source of hydration
  4. Running shoes/hiking boots/comfortable shoes
  5. Comfortable clothing
  6. Towels