Club of the Week: It’s Academic

By Kaja Nall and Tessa Rendina

It’s Academic is a club where schools come together to compete in tournaments and on television. Participating students get a chance to win prizes and even scholarship money. The questions are based on the required courses students take to graduate. The show airs Saturdays on WJZ.

It’s Academic is open Thursday after school and Tuesday first half of Wild Cat Hour.Last year the club visited clubs to compete, but this year the club is hosting the tournament. Other schools will come to Arundel High School to answer questions and compete for prizes.

The club It’s Academic shows “…what you know and how much you’ve grown,” says Mr. Vandereedt, who sponsors the club. The club promotes teamwork, cooperation, and problem solving. Mr. Vandereedt encourages students to achieve confidence, “I encounter too many people who have ability, potential, and intelligence but lack any faith in themselves to actually demonstrate it.”