Arundel Voices: Indiana to Arundel

By Amber Hill

Arundel High School is a lot different but better than my old high school. I came into this school not seeing one familiar face. To be honest, I thought I would hate it here. But, I don’t. At Arundel, the students have so much freedom and opportunities. I like how any student can choose any elective that they have interest in. At my old school, everything was about the upper classmen. Juniors and seniors get the best electives, they can eat outside, and they even had a separate cafeteria from the freshman and sophomores. Also, the teachers here at Arundel treat students like adults and with respect.

My favorite part about Arundel is pride period. I think it’s cool that all students have an hour break in the middle of the day, every day. I really like how the school leaves the students responsible for what they do during that time. Before I moved here, my friends were already starting school. I love how this school doesn’t start school sessions until later in the summer. Also, I’ve noticed that Arundel High is big on sports. That’s something my old school wasn’t so serious about.

Unfortunately, there are a few things I do not like very much about this school. In my opinion, I’ve found that people here are easy going and nice. But from what I’ve heard, you have to be careful on who you trust. Not only that, I don’t like how fall and spring breaks are so short. At my old school, all breaks were 2 weeks and I really enjoyed that advantage. Overall, moving to Arundel benefited me in a positive way.