Arundel Voices: Big city to small town

By John Moran

Everyone has envisioned the perfect place they want to live one day. So for those that dream to live somewhere tropical, here is some info coming from a person who has lived in many places with a tropical climate and atmosphere, and ended up here at Arundel.

I’ve lived in popular locations like Miami, Florida and California and more unknown places to the public eye. For each place I’ve stayed, each was bustling with business, tourism and public entertainment. So now after exhausting my fuel for exploration, I was placed into Maryland to “chill.” In comparison of Maryland to every other heated place, it is very somber and tranquil from the outside world. With barely any traffic coming into Maryland, it is the polar opposite of the energizing cities I’ve lived in.

So for those who looking for adventure and experiences, put yourself out in a heated city/ state such as Miami and California. They bring you many experiences once you dive right into them. Now that you have learned how to be calm from your life in Maryland so far, you can go in with no worry about living in the overbearing life in outside states. You can experience the vigor that they bring to you on a daily basis, from the towns to the restaurants and stores. Enjoy the consistent changes that always occur in them, but learning to not have the fear of change from them. Always being on the move is what it feels to be in the heat of the moment of empowered cities.

This is how different it is from having the change of being in the heat of the moment to being in the cool pool that is Maryland. So for those that are enticed to be going out of the state that you’ve lived in your entire life so far, don’t have any regrets of accepting change. Don’t have any expectations for where you and always go out of your way to talk to the people in the places.